Why do so many Amazon sellers want this label? What’s the use?

5 min readMar 8, 2021


When searching with keywords on the Amazon platform, careful sellers may find that there are listings with Amazon’s Choice logo. What exactly is this Amazon’s Choice? What is the significance of its existence? If it is a good item, how can the seller get it quickly?

The label Amazon’s Choice has recently appeared on more and more product pages. Amazon also explained which products can get the label.

The background color of the Amazon’s Choice label is graphite, and the font colors of the two words are white and orange respectively. This label appears more and more frequently on the retailer’s website.

This is an easier way for customers to choose among Amazon’s millions of listings.

Basically, just like the review data obtained by Amazon, a product labeled Amazon’s Choice is a product with high sales volume and rave reviews. If you hover your mouse pointer over the Amazon’s Choice icon, you will see this description: “Amazon’s Choice recommends products with high ratings, reasonable prices, and immediate delivery.”

There are some products, such as the portable Bluetooth speaker that won the Amazon’s Choice label in the picture below. The highlights for this product are listed next to Amazon’s Choice, including low return rate, high score and The best seller ranking, etc.

1: Amazon’s Choice is a feature launched by Amazon to help customers save time when shopping and searching. The system is allocated to a small number of listings based on the performance of the listings, and Amazon will mark Amazon’s Choice on high-quality and good-priced products.

2: The Amazon’s Choice logo is only available in search results for “specific keywords”. Therefore, searching for products with other keywords does not necessarily have this logo.

What product will have an Amazon’s Choice label

Products with the Amazon’s Choice label generally have the following characteristics:

• It is very popular and has a high purchase rate among customers searching for similar products

• Its review is very high

• Fast delivery via Prime

• Belongs to Amazon self-operated products/FBA products

•Its ​​customer return rate is very low

• Its price is competitive

Factors affecting Amazon’s Choice:

Amazon did not disclose the calculation method of Amazon’s Choice. But if you want to quickly obtain this mark, the following six factors have a certain impact on Amazon’s Choice:

1: Sales volume and conversion rate

Generally, when we judge whether a product is good or not, it mainly depends on whether the product is popular with consumers. Amazon is the same. It will judge whether the product value is worthy of recommendation based on sales volume and conversion rate.

Therefore, in order to be recommended by Amazon, the conversion rate and sales must be high, and the sales ranking must be in front of the subcategory d. The specific ranking is not yet known.

2: Product Review

Amazon attaches great importance to product evaluation. Generally speaking, the average star rating of a product review needs to be 4 stars or above to get the Amazon’s Choice logo. However, in categories with very low competition, it may be recommended without a review.

3: Use keywords accurately and in a logical order

I found that the keywords pointed to by Amazon’s Choice tags appear in the title and match the same keywords. Of course, the matching is not absolutely consistent. At the same time, the keywords pointed to by Amazon’s Choice do not completely appear in the title.

4: A+ page

The A+ page can only be functional if there is a brand record. It fully shows that Amazon attaches great importance to brand registration, and products with A+ pages have a better chance of getting the Amazon’s Choice logo.

5: Return rate

It is well known that too high a return rate will directly affect the status of a listing, and Amazon will not recommend a product with a high return rate.

6: FBA delivery

Amazon’s self-operated products or FBA products are eligible for “Amazon’s Choice” certification. The best way for sellers to obtain this mark is to provide Prime delivery products.

How does Amazon’s Choice help sales

Voice purchase

Products with the Amazon’s Choice logo will be included in the voice purchase recommendation by Amazon Echo.

Sellers can directly purchase products with this label from Amazon Echo (that is, through voice commands), which directly simplifies the customer’s purchase process. The editor believes that as voice intelligence becomes more and more popular, its promotion of conversion rate will become more and more obvious!

Search for purchase

In the categories supported by Amazon’s Choice, only one product in the search results of each keyword can get this mark! There is no doubt that consumers will be more inclined to the products officially recommended by Amazon. Therefore, this tag can greatly increase the conversion rate.

What is the difference between Amazon’s Choice and Best Seller

Common points:

1. All are automatically identified by the Amazon system

2. Both can help the drainage and conversion of products

3. Both require listing to be in good condition

4. All are free support from Amazon


1. The positions of the two signs are different

The location of the Amazon’s Choice logo is above the title of the keyword search results

The Best seller logo is at the top of the picture

2. Click into the listing to show the difference

Clicking into Amazon’s Choice’s listing does not have a special label

And the Best Seller’s listing has the yellow label of Best Seller

3. The categories covered are different

The categories covered by the Amazon’s Choice function are only Amazon self-operated categories, books and audio-visual, movies, music, games, electronic products, home improvement, toys, clothing, shoes and hats, jewelry, handicrafts, outdoor, cars

And Best Seller supports all categories

4. The prerequisites for getting the label are different

To get the Amazon’s Choice label, the product must be branded and sent to the FBA warehouse

The Best Seller label is that as long as you sell on the platform, you have the opportunity to get

5. The requirements for obtaining the logo are different

How do I get the Amazon’s Choice logo?

Amazon did not disclose the calculation method of Amazon’s Choice. However, comparing products with this logo, the following factors all have a certain impact on Amazon’s Choice.

to sum up:

Seeing this, I believe everyone knows where to start to optimize the product, right? Amazon’s Choice functional coverage categories include Amazon self-operated categories, books and audiovisual, movies, music, games, electronic products, home improvement, toys, clothing, shoes and hats, jewelry, handicrafts, outdoor, cars and other categories. In fact, the coverage is quite comparable It’s wide!

If your product is in the above categories, there is still hope! All products must be registered on Amazon for product brand protection (Brand Registry).

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