Which Amazon products need to provide a compliance statement

2 min readSep 27, 2021

All products required by the CE safety certification mark need to comply with the standard declaration.

The CE safety certification mark is a mandatory certification mark for the EU market. Whether it is a product produced by an EU company or a product produced in another country, if you want to circulate freely in the EU market, you must add the “CE” mark. For e-commerce sellers, It should be noted that electronic products, toys, sunglasses and mechanical fitness equipment are all compulsory certification marks.

Sellers note that multiple instructions can be applied to one product at the same time. All products must be tested, have complete technical documents, and obtain a CE safety mark certificate, proving that they comply with relevant directives and unified standards before they can be legally put on the market.

Which products Amazon will require sellers to provide a compliance statement?

In addition to products that are strictly regulated within the EU are classified as “pre-approval” products by Amazon, they must also provide a declaration of compliance, such as kitchen equipment, toys, lamps, batteries, and chargers, in order to be sold.

In order to obtain certification in advance, sellers can follow the following steps:

1. Enter “Catalog” and select “Add Products” in the seller center;

2. Enter ASIN or other product codes into the search box;

3. Click “Listing Limitations” and “Request Approval” under the product information.

4. Submit an application.

After completing these steps, Amazon will pass the seller’s application or require the seller to provide more information within a few days.

Amazon will stop the seller’s sales at any time. If the seller does not pass this step in advance, the platform will require the seller to upload a declaration of conformity of the product. If the seller does not have or the uploaded declaration format is incorrect, the seller can no longer sell related products at this time.

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