What services does amazon aws provide

2 min readSep 7, 2022

Amazon AWS, known as Amazon Marketplace Web Services, offers a variety of services to enhance digital marketing strategies while saving costs. So, what services does Amazon aws provide?

AWS provides a total of 28 services in 14 categories, which can be roughly divided into five categories: computing, storage, application architecture, specific applications, and management:

1. Computing services

EC2: Virtual machine instance, including standard type, large memory, high computing power, HPC with 10G network, GPU and other types, Win/Linux OS, mainstream WEB, application server, database. It can be automatically scaled as needed. No persistent storage natively

Elastic MapReduce: MapReduce-type analysis, based on Hadoop, supports Hive/Pig. Can handle data in EC2 and S3

2. Storage service

S3: Mass file storage. There are two types of high reliability and low reliability.

SimpleDB: A highly scalable simple structured data store that supports extremely large data volumes. Strong consistency and eventual consistency are optional. Conditional update

RDS: Packaged MySQL service, backup and software maintenance

EBS: A block device that can be used by EC2 instances

ElastiCache: Memcached caching service. Distributed self-management.

Import/Export: Import and export data between AWS and storage devices (such as disk arrays)

SQS: highly reliable message queuing service, messages can be stored for 14 days.

3. Application Architecture Services

Cloud Front: CDN service that supports static files and streaming media. 20 points worldwide

SNS: topic-based message subscription and push service, supporting HTTP/EMail

SES: Mailing Service

Elastic Load Balancing: Load balance requests to EC2 instances

VPC: Virtual Private Cloud. Configurable network/subnet/IP/routing table

Route 53: DNS Service

4. Specific application services

FPS/DevPay: Billing service (not AWS billing, which means that the application uses this to bill the user)

GovCloud: For government applications, providing better security

5. Management services

CloudWatch: A Feature-Rich Performance Monitoring Service

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