What are the factors that affect the conversion rate of Amazon

2 min readSep 7, 2022

What are the factors that affect the conversion rate of Amazon

1. Products

When the product is developed, it also determines the difficulty of promotion. If the product meets the needs of consumers, the product will naturally be recognized by the market, and the conversion rate will naturally be high. Therefore, the impact of the product itself on the conversion rate plays a decisive role.

2. Traffic

The accuracy of traffic determines the conversion of products. This is also the reason why we did not rashly go outside the station. How to find accurate traffic and crowds is a very core issue.

3. Season

In the off-season and peak seasons, the product is not only reflected in the amount of traffic, but more importantly, the increase in purchase demand and the soaring conversion rate caused by impulsive consumption. According to past experience and data, it can be clearly seen that the conversion rate in the peak season is generally 2 times or even more than 3 times that of the low season.

4. Holidays

I remember that one day last year, the order volume was very small, and I searched for various reasons. Later, I learned that the United States had a holiday on that day, which led to a large drop in traffic. Holidays are generally consumed in advance. If the product is related to the holiday, traffic and conversions will increase significantly before the holiday, but if the holiday is approaching, the conversion will decrease.

5. Pictures

The impact of pictures on the conversion of products cannot be said much. The same product pictures are different, and in the eyes of consumers, they are different products. For the description of product characteristics, a thousand words can sometimes not be as direct as a picture. The main pictures of Amazon all need a unified white background, so the small operation means it is more difficult, and the texture and angle of the picture are very important. And when he communicated with customers by chance in the sub-picture, he said that what he prefers to see is the placement of the real scene of the product, not necessarily the model display picture. Therefore, research on pictures is also a key point.


Regarding the impact of listing descriptions on conversions, optimizing our own listings is also the foundation of our operations. We use Amzhelper to capture competitors’ listings, and compare our listings to see if there are any deficiencies in our listings, and learn from each other’s strengths.

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