What are the Amazon review tools

2 min readSep 6, 2021

Amazon is a platform that uses seller indicators to measure whether sellers provide users with high-quality services. Buyers’ feedback is very important, and a bad review may affect the development of the store.

Because of this, many tools have been derived to help sellers. Next, let’s talk about the Amazon request-for-review tools.

  1. FeedbackGenius

FeedbackGenius allows Amazon sellers to automatically send emails to buyers for feedback and product reviews after the product package arrives. Sellers can try the tool for free for 30 days and then $250 per month.

  1. AMZShark

AMZShark is a powerful Amazon seller tool that can track sales, find new niche products, explore keywords, and more. AMZShark also allows sellers to automatically send email reminders when they receive negative reviews. It allows sellers to react quickly to customer actions to solve problems.

  1. Sellics

Sellics is an integrated Amazon seller tool. In terms of managing feedback and comments, Sellics can allow sellers to receive timely notification of review updates, and prioritize the comments in the seller’s account according to their rank. At the same time, sellers can directly use their Sellics account to reply to feedback.

  1. FeedbackFive

FeedbackFive is committed to helping sellers manage feedback and comments on all Amazon sites. With FeedbackFive, sellers can automatically send emails to ask buyers for feedback, and promptly remind sellers to receive new feedback and comments. Through this tool, sellers can also remove bad reviews and use good reviews to help sellers get more sales.

  1. BQoolFeedbackCentral

BQool applies to sellers on all Amazon sites. It allows sellers to send automatic emails to ask for reviews and feedback, and receive email reminders when negative feedback appears or is removed, to check the overall feedback and comment health.

  1. AMZAlert

AMZAlert is an Amazon seller tool that can be used to receive any content updates. From bad review monitoring to review removal and product rating changes, this tool provides Amazon sellers with data to make informed decisions.

In addition to the recommended ones above, there are other review tools, such as ZonGuru, MySellerPal, AMZFinder, AMZSuite, and so on.

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