Traffic distribution and card slots in Amazon
4 min readFeb 25, 2022

Traffic is now king, which is the general trend, and the same is true for cross-border e-commerce platforms. Traffic is integral to an item on Amazon. Whoever gets more traffic can get more exposure, more clicks, and then it is possible to generate more sales. Today, I will share with you where Amazon’s site traffic comes from.

1. Search traffic distribution and card slots

1. What is search traffic?

Buyers search for product keywords to find the product they want, and each time they click on the search, the traffic formed by the product display result page is formed

2. Amazon search traffic placement

Enter a keyword and dozens of pages of search results will be displayed

3. Key card location targets for search traffic

Card position target: first three pages

Every search results in dozens of pages of results, thousands of products, tens of thousands

Research shows that only about 30% of consumers go to the second page and only 10% of them go to the third page.

If you can’t squeeze into the first three pages, your listing will have a very low chance of exposure, let alone clicks and conversions.

4. Keyword regularization of search traffic

Organize product keywords, including big words, similar words, long tail words, etc.

Actual testing of search page rankings for product keywords and registration

Strategy: Continue to maintain the keywords that can enter the first three pages, and optimize the keywords that cannot be squeezed into the first three pages

Method: Use this keyword to place an order to increase sales

2. Related traffic distribution and card position

1. What is associated traffic?

Definition of related traffic: For the area displayed by similar products under the listing page, it becomes related traffic

Why do this?

Amazon has carefully designed the area of ​​the product details page. If the buyer is not satisfied with the product currently viewed, then Amazon also recommends other similar products, and the buyer can easily click to view it to maximize the satisfaction of consumers.

2. Placements with associated traffic

There are paid and free display areas, most of them are paid areas

The first: show the situation buy it with

The second: Discover similar items Discover similar styles

Third, four: Products related to item and 4 stars above payment display

Fifth: Compare with similar ties

3. Card location target for associated traffic

Card position goal: strive to display on the first page of competing product listings, and few people who click on the following pages will see it

4. How to do related traffic?

Ways to improve related traffic: improve the sales conversion rate of product keywords

Is it necessary to do the associated traffic of a specific competing product?

If the conversion rate of clicking on your product through the competing product page is relatively high, then you can do specific associated traffic for the competing product

3. Category ranking traffic and card position

1. What is category ranking traffic?

Category ranking definition:

Amazon divides each product into categories, and each category will have a top 100 ranking page. Buyers will also find products through the category ranking page, which is also a source of traffic.

2. The placement of category ranking traffic

There are four lists under each product category: sales list, new product list, wish list, gift list

3. The card position target of category ranking

Basic requirements: Squeeze into the top 100 on the sales list to get a display

Card position target: top 20 top 10 on the list

The higher the ranking of the list, the better, but the traffic of similar rankings does not change significantly, such as 23rd and 28th.

Card position target division: Top 100, Top 50, Top 30, Top 20, Top 10, Top 3,

4. How to improve category ranking

The most effective way: increase the number of orders!!! How to stabilize the ranking: also increase sales!!!

Category ranking changes every two hours

Therefore, it can be divided by two hours. If the sales volume is low in a certain period of time, artificial methods can be used to increase product sales and stabilize the category ranking!

Fourth, spike plate traffic and card position

1. What is spike traffic?

Amazon has set up product promotion areas and launched seckill deals. Consumers go in through the Amazon seckill section to view the traffic generated by clicking on products.

2. The placement of the seckill section

The upper left corner of the next line of the Amazon homepage search box can quickly search for products through the filter function

3. The card position target of the spike plate

Card position target: It is not required to be on the homepage of the second kill, but the homepage position of the product category page is required

For example: Furniture in Departments is filtered and pushed to the homepage of spikes under this category

4. How to improve the ranking of the seckill section

A few days before the start of the spike event, especially in the first few hours, express delivery increases product sales

During the seckill period, express supplementary orders to increase product sales

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