This is how a qualified Amazon seller spends a day
2 min readOct 14, 2021


Generally, Amazon sellers initially determine the direction of product selection based on their own resource advantages. Whether it is a vertical selection or a grocery store has to be weighed. After the product is selected, upload the product and carefully consider the details of the uploaded product, for example, how to write keywords, product description, listing, etc.

The next step is to increase sales and conversion rates. When the store develops to a high level and shows a benign operation and the traffic on the site cannot meet the needs of store operations, it is necessary to start off-site promotion.

Let’s talk about how a qualified Amazon seller spends a day like this:

1. The seller must log in and query the Amazon backend every day to check whether there is a new order.

2. If there is a new order, proceed to the order processing stage. If there is no FBA, the seller needs to deliver the goods by himself; if there is no new order, continue to insist on daily work such as daily product selection, new update, and optimization.

3. Pay attention to whether the small gray flag becomes a small red flag. If it is a small gray flag, it means that the store is safe; if it is a small red flag, go in to check and solve the red flag problem.

4. Check if there are any messages. If there are any buyer’s messages, please reply within 24 hours. If some messages are made by order, this kind of direct choice does not require reply.

5. Pay attention to whether there is a new feedback or review. If there is a new review, it is OK as long as it has 4 stars or more. If the star rating is relatively low, it will affect the performance of the store, and the seller must find ways to improve the review quality.

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