The best guide to avoiding pits in cross-border e-commerce Amazon stores: a must-see for novice Xiaobai!

A few years ago, due to poor management, the restaurant that I had invested in more than two million yuan in my business for several years went bankrupt, and there was a huge debt of nearly one million yuan that followed. The sense of despair caused by failure has enveloped me for a long time. I accidentally heard about the “cross-border e-commerce” industry. With the strong support of the country, this industry has become more and more popular. Many people have made huge profits in this industry and made a lot of money. They also understand that it is difficult to start a cross-border e-commerce business on Amazon compared to other industries. Lower, the operation is relatively simple, the investment is not much, determined to move to the cross-border e-commerce industry, and make a comeback. Although the cross-border e-commerce market has a vast space for development, we have to admit the fact that among the thousands of sellers, only a small group of people can actually make money, and more are actually those Friends who are still working silently or small sellers who have died.

And those who advertise on social platforms such as huhu, claiming to be professional teachers of cross-border e-commerce, may not even understand their own shops, and they are more bluffing and deceiving under the banner of “professional”. Through the so-called “joint fee” or “tuition fee” to defraud the newcomer Xiaobai’s property. Therefore, it is very important for newcomers to brighten their eyes and choose a reliable “teacher”. At that time, when I was desperate, I was in the pit of these “professionals”. I worked hard to collect some money to pay for nothing. My cross-border e-commerce entrepreneurship was also very good in the early days. hardships.

At the beginning of my business, after weighing the pros and cons, I chose to do self-delivery. At the beginning, I didn’t have a deep understanding of cross-border e-commerce. I didn’t know what to do and what to do at the beginning of my career. I only hoped to pass. A large number of goods are sold to my shop to issue orders, so the hard work of starting from eight or nine o’clock every day until about one o’clock in the evening has become my normal life. Since the process of loading goods is very boring, I basically force myself to sit in front of the computer and repeat the same process dozens or hundreds of times every day. In addition, I was at the bottom of my life at that time, so I think about it now I still feel that during that period of time it was really painful and painful. Although with my unremitting efforts, a large number of orders have indeed brought me certain orders. The initial order made me taste the short-term sweetness, but the order quantity afterwards became sluggish, sometimes Even one order per day cannot be guaranteed.

The tremendous pressure makes me feel very anxious every day. After investing so much time, energy and money, I am anxious to see results. I even made a vow in my heart that I will not pursue too much, even if I can see one. I can stick to this cross-border e-commerce path for a little bit of income. I am not willing to face failure again. So I started to work in directions other than stocking, hoping to save my shop in other ways.

However, as a newcomer with no experience, no resources, no funds, to find out the correct operation method of cross-border e-commerce in a short period of time is indeed tantamount to idiotic dreams, so I encountered a wall in the early exploration. I don’t know how to choose products, I don’t understand what the customer’s needs are, I can’t find products with selling points, and the order volume has not risen; I don’t know Amazon’s platform rules, and I don’t know how to avoid potential infringement sharing, resulting in the site being blocked. ; I don’t know how to operate, how to optimize their products, and how to promote products. These newcomers, Xiaobai, have encountered all the problems that may arise when they first entered the cross-border e-commerce industry. It can be said that I have no less than one step in the detour, which can be called a bitter history of blood and tears.

Despite this, I have been clenching my teeth and have no choice but to give up. I am constantly looking for relevant knowledge about cross-border e-commerce, and I have spent a lot of time sifting through useful information, and summed up the experience of many seniors in the cross-border e-commerce industry, combined with my own time. The practice and exploration since then finally brought back to life the store that was on the verge of bankruptcy. The order volume began to increase gradually, and the performance gradually showed an increasing trend. All my hard work finally paid off. The store’s business began to flourish, slowly from the initial “first order issued in two months” to “one order per day on average” to the later “monthly sales exceeded £30w”

Only I know the bitter experience of this. This entrepreneurial experience also made me understand that Amazon’s cross-border e-commerce cannot be successful casually. I also hope to share some useful things with newcomers who want to enter the cross-border e-commerce industry here to help Xiaobai get through these minefields. Pay attention to me, I am a kind-hearted second-hand, and I will show you my cross-border e-commerce entrepreneurship experience.

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