Talk about a little bit of ideas on how to play new product promotion under the high-pressure policy of the Amazon platform
5 min readSep 29, 2021

Today I want to talk about the closure of stores, brands, and funds under the “Zhang Sanfeng” policy of the Amazon platform in 2021. As a seller, or as an operation in a company, how should we push products?

It can be said that the so-called Amazon gameplay has become more and more transparent since the development of Amazon. The so-called e-commerce operation is nothing more than traffic and conversion.

In the past, the various operations of our sellers were actually actions that centered on starting traffic faster and increasing the conversion rate. Swiping orders is a trick that everyone has tried time and time again. It works quickly and is easily addictive. The so-called refreshing when you are single, always refreshing. But suddenly the situation took a turn for the worse. Most sellers were afraid to make orders, and most of the sellers were afraid to put small cards to invite reviews.

There are many articles that have begun to slander cross-border e-commerce, and some media, you can read their articles in the first half of the year. At that time, they vigorously promoted cross-border e-commerce. Now they are constantly selling anxiety. Old readers who follow me are I know, I have always delivered positive energy to everyone.

Therefore, even under such a strict policy this year, I still firmly believe that Amazon is still worth doing, even if many sellers start to deploy other platforms. I still firmly believe that this year’s various situations are the necessary stages of the development of things. Now, at Amazon, we should forget the myth of the benefits of the high-growth platform dividend period in the past few years. Adjust your mentality, learn to treat it with a normal heart, and treat it as a normal profession as an Amazon operation/or seller.

Just imagine, for most ordinary people, where are there easy jobs in today’s society? Where are there industries that are easy to make money? However, e-commerce, Amazon is still a not bad track that most ordinary people can choose.

If you see it patiently, you may be scolding me in your heart. I feel that the content is a bit watery, but the following is the focus of today’s article. Please continue to read it patiently. It can be said to be discussed with you, or it can be said to provide you with a little bit. Think about it.

Recently, our team has several new products and is testing new gameplay. The so-called new gameplay is actually not that new. It is all up to me to provide some ideas for you to discuss. After all, we have not fully tested successfully.

For the first product, we follow the regular order operation, but no longer place an order through an intermediary, and the buyer is no longer the buyer who often does the evaluation. This buyer resource is used by us in the past to invite comments through small cards. Accumulated. At the end of 2019, we realized that assessment resources will continue to dry up, so we started to make preparations at that time. For buyers who contact us through the small card mailbox, we will leave a comment on the buyer, and after we give the amount of the gift, we will ask if we are willing to be our new product experiencer in the future to experience the product for free. If you want, you only need to reply “Yes”, we will treat you as a key customer and will bring you surprises in the days to come.

Therefore, we recently contacted our reserve of potential buyer resources for evaluation by sending emails. The efficiency is not bad, and it can basically meet the needs of the new product period. It is a bit cumbersome. Of course, we require the operation staff every day. A certain amount of mail must be sent.

For the second product, we do not evaluate or evaluate at all, but only use the form of burning advertisements on the site. Of course, we still merged the old links that are no longer sold in the store before we put them on the shelves for sale and advertising, so there is still some non-compliance.

The third product, this product has a relatively high value and belongs to our newly entered category, so there is no related old link to use. We dispatched relevant small products to the trumpet in advance, raised a lot of seed links, and then quickly ranked through the outside of the site, and at the same time, the site continued to maintain the ranking by declining large coupons.

The fourth product is a small product. Of course, the customer unit price is not too high. We do not do any illegal operations at all. That is to say, we have no testing, no merge link, no off-site, and of course no price spiral. Advertising, to promote products, and increase the weight of keywords.

The above is the current adjustment direction of our team under Amazon’s high-pressure policy this year, or a little bit of ideas for making changes. Of course, there are not many new ideas. It has only been carried out for less than a month. Overall, the expected results have been achieved. Of 70. More data and results require continuous observation and follow-up replays, plus copying of play styles and patterns later.

In addition, I’m still busy making a model recently, but I have a little clue, and I haven’t formed a complete idea. After the idea is perfected and the model is OK, we will let our own team perform the test.

Of course, these are some of our own operations. Different sellers, different teams and different products may have different methods. I hope that everyone can be less impetuous and more confident by reading my article, and I hope everyone can Open up your own thinking, don’t want to talk about others, and be a thinking adult.

The most important thing is to be able to try, execute, act, verify, review, and then make money while the mind is open.

In the end, I hope everyone can survive, survive, live, and wait for the warmth of spring to make money.

Cross-border people, come on!

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