Shopee’s Brazilian market is coming! Hot categories are open, and the chance to burst orders is just around the corner
9 min readMar 20, 2021

In March 2020, during the outbreak of the overseas epidemic, the Southeast Asian e-commerce platform Shopee announced the opening of a Brazilian site, causing a commotion in the industry. Compared with the mature markets in Europe and America, this emerging “sea area” of Latin America still seems to be explored, and the local Brazilian market is even more promising.

The mobile phone accessories seller Xiao A, which specializes in smart watches, told Hugo Cross-border, “Shopee Brazil site is simply “dead wood in spring” for me. With the advantages of supply, price and operation, we have made rapid progress in orders after entering the Brazil site. The order volume of the Brazilian store alone already accounts for nearly 90% of our total order volume.”

There are many cases of sellers who have similar experiences with Little A. Without exception, they won the Brazilian market by virtue of their various advantages accumulated in Southeast Asia and won a big victory!

Brazilians with a bonus of 200 million people, love Chinese goods

Under the 2020 epidemic, European and American e-commerce market orders encountered Waterloo. Some sellers who focused on European and American e-commerce markets were forced to stay home. They gradually realized the huge risks brought by specializing in one market and began to look for new potential markets. Brazil The market has become their latest goal. Why do you say that? It can be seen from the following 3 points:

1. Broad economic prospects: a population dividend of over 200 million, accounting for 42% of the market share of e-commerce in Latin America

As the seventh largest economy in the world, Brazil occupies nearly half of the land in South America, with a market size close to that of Indonesia and a demographic dividend of over 200 million. At the same time, Brazil is also one of the largest online retail markets in Latin America, accounting for 42% of Latin America’s B2C e-commerce market share.

2. High Internet penetration rate: 150 million netizens and 140 million social media users

The Internet in Brazil is developing rapidly. In 2019, the Internet penetration rate reached 71%, and the number of Internet users reached 150 million. Brazilian netizens spend an average of 9.3 hours a day online, ranking second in the world. Just surfing the Internet to sleep and eat requires two-thirds of their time in a day. Brazil also has 140 million social media users, the third largest number of Facebook users in the world after the United States and India.

3. Strong consumer group: the consumer group has matured and loves “expensive” products

According to Shopee survey data, Brazilian online shopping users are mainly mature aging groups aged 25 and above. Compared with the young people, the mature people have a more stable economy, pay attention to the quality of life, and are more capable and willing to place orders for “expensive” products. Sellers can consider increasing the unit price per customer.

4. Very high willingness to consume: I especially like “Made in China”

Data shows that cross-border shopping is the norm for Brazilian consumers. Brazilians favor “Made in China”, and 7 out of 10 consumers have purchased Chinese cross-border products online.

Among them, the five potential categories of men’s clothing, women’s clothing, consumer electronics, sports outdoor, and maternal and child toys are the dark horses in the Brazilian market. Especially European and American style men’s and women’s clothing, the market demand is large, the products are few, and the order space is huge.

Thousands of orders will be broken when you enter the market! Brazil’s top 5 best-selling products, what are the preferences of the locals?

Before entering a market, sellers need to conduct research on local market audiences, including local consumer groups and consumer preferences. In addition to the five dark horse categories mentioned above, according to Shopee platform data, mobile phone accessories, beauty and cosmetics, jewelry and watches, fashion accessories, and home life are the five most popular categories, which are the main categories for sellers to go overseas in Brazil. Taking these five hot-selling categories as an example, what are the preferences of Brazilian sellers?

1. Hot-selling mobile phone accessories

①, consumer groups

·The age group is 15–34 years old, and the ratio of male and female users is basically the same. Male users prefer headsets, smart wearables, and gaming products; female users prefer shell films, selfie accessories, etc.

·65% are Android users, hot-selling mobile phone brands: Xiaomi, Samsung, Motorola, and you can get more related mobile phone accessories.

②, consumption preference

·Prefer branded products, but are more price-sensitive and pursue cost-effectiveness. It is recommended that sellers make trade-offs in pricing.

·Enthusiastic to buy small electronic products (earphones, smart wearables, portable Bluetooth speakers), mobile phone accessories products (shell film line). Mainly light and small pieces as a whole.

A mobile phone accessory seller, Xiao A, said that it was originally mainly engaged in smart watches in the Southeast Asian market, but due to the large number of competitors, the sales of the products were mediocre. However, after entering the Brazil station under the advice of the Shopee account manager, he instantly “resurrected with blood”. After entering the Brazil station, he found that the demand for smart watches in the Brazilian market is large, there is little competition, and the space for development is extremely broad. So relying on the supply, price and operational advantages, he easily broke a thousand orders. At present, the order volume of Brazilian stores has accounted for nearly 90% of its total order volume.

After experiencing the “sweetness”, Xiao A decided to continue to expand the related sub-categories of mobile phone accessories, and strive to reduce costs and increase profits in the blue ocean of Latin America and gain a firm foothold.

2. Hot-selling categories of beauty and makeup

①, consumer groups

·The age group is 18–34 years old, and the overall is younger.

②, consumption preference

· Like smoky make-up, heavy make-up, make-up face is thicker, love to use trimming to highlight the contour. The base makeup prefers dark colors and pursues wheatish colors.

· In pursuit of exquisite eye makeup, false eyelashes and eyeliner are indispensable. False eyelash sets and makeup brush sets are popular. Light green, light yellow and other mixed-race contact lenses are on sale.

·The season in Brazil is opposite to that in China. Since June, moisturizing skin care products (such as essences and cleansers) have been selling well in winter, and sunscreen products (such as sunscreen) have been selling well in summer since December. Sheet masks, blackhead removers, eye masks, etc. are evergreen models.

·I like extremely exaggerated makeup on special holidays and occasions, such as carnival, Halloween, and Christmas. Red and white color contact lenses suitable for Cosplay sell well.

3. Jewelry watches in hot-selling categories

①, consumer groups

·Age group of 18–34 years old, pursuit of high cost performance, great demand for couples.

②, consumption preference

·The pursuit of fashion trends also pursues high cost performance. Jewelry fashion elements are rich and diverse and updated quickly, such as retro mix and match style, casual beach style, hip-hop style, and 925 silver is preferred in material.

·The hot selling elements of watches are stable, women’s watches prefer elegant and simple style, and men’s watches prefer casual business style. In addition, sports mechanical watches, smart watches, and bracelets are all selling well.

·Couples are keen to buy couple watches and bracelets, and the enthusiasm for pair and wedding rings is also high.

Different from mobile phone accessories seller A, jewelry watch seller B replicates successful experience from stores in Thailand, Malay and other stations that have matured in its own development to stores in Brazil. Through the cooperation of own factories and other factories, the production cost of products is low. , And maintain a stable supply of goods through multiple channels.

It is worth mentioning that Xiao B relies on the source of goods, has a strong ability to find goods, and the speed of product opening is fast. It is not simply transporting hot products from Southeast Asia to Brazil, but quickly getting new ones after grasping the trend. Relying on Shopee’s various types of activity support and seller center marketing tools, the store has a large natural traffic, and it can cooperate with store coupons, bundled promotions, additional purchase discounts and other functions to improve conversions and customer orders.

4. Fashion accessories in hot-selling categories

①, consumer groups

·Age group of 18–34 years old, mainly female group, pursue high cost performance.

②, consumption preference

·Preferences European and American street styles, and is greatly influenced by the Korean Wave. Japanese-Korean style accessories are also popular. They like cost-effective multi-color multi-piece suits.

Wear sunglasses all year round. Sunglasses are a super hot-selling sub-category of accessories. The style prefers retro cat-eye style, classic European style and other fashionable styles. At the same time, cycling sports styles and photosensitive color-changing functional styles are also popular.

·Purchasing hair accessories, hats, etc. are greatly influenced by the Japanese and Korean styles. I prefer satin bright colors and pearl shiny items. Cost-effective multi-pack suits (full range of optional colors) are also popular.

·Special holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Carnival, etc., keen to buy festive items such as Christmas hats. In addition, party occasions are in great demand for shiny hair accessories and exaggerated hats and other accessories.

Sellers often lament that they make sunglasses, swimsuits and other categories, as if they can only explode in a single season. But how can the season prevent sellers from exploding orders? Small C, a seller of fashion accessories, is a typical example. He is mainly engaged in sunglasses products, and he has performed well on Shopee Thailand, Vietnam and other sites. At the end of October 2020, it was the off-season of sunglasses in Southeast Asia, and he had an idea-Brazil’s summer is coming soon. Without further ado, Xiao C began to optimize its Brazil store in November. After the store opened, it coincided with Black Friday, and the order volume increased by leaps and bounds.

It’s not easy to sell orders. After opening a store, Xiao C insists on refined operations. For example, the products in the Brazilian market use European and American models, which are different from Asian models in Southeast Asia. Actively conduct product research, select products based on market trends, and cooperate with factories to develop new products; actively cooperate with platform marketing activities, actively purchase resource packages, and also join key benchmark store projects.

5. Home life in hot-selling categories

①, consumer groups

·The main consumer group is women, who like small commodities with high cost performance or novelty.

②, consumption preference

·Brazilians usually eat European-style western food, and meat accounts for a large portion of the food they eat, so barbecue tools are popular; at the same time, there is a greater demand for baking products.

·The interior decoration style is close to the Mediterranean style, and the hot-selling decorations are wall stickers, luminous stickers, mirror stickers, carpets, decorative green plants, posters, etc. In addition, there is also a big market for Brazilian party holiday supplies.

·The best-selling products of lighting equipment are mainly decorative lamp belts and smart bluetooth bulbs, followed by USB lamps, small desk lamps and other light and small items.

The storage and sorting category has no obvious style tendency, and aims to organize the storage of household items. The best-selling products are seamless sticky hooks, wall charging brackets, clothes storage bags, cosmetic storage bags, socks storage, shoe storage bags, etc.

How to seize the business opportunities in the Brazilian market? Get the above categories, and these requirements

After reading the above hot categories, are you ready to move? New policy for cross-border investment promotion! Shopee opens up opportunities for Brazilian sites, 10 major investment categories, zero commissions for fast opening of stores, and sells out in the southern hemisphere!

Don’t worry! Let’s take a look at what shopee’s requirements for settled merchants?

First, the investment category.

As mentioned above, the five potential categories and the five best-selling categories are all investment categories, including: male clothing, female clothing, consumer electronics, sports outdoor, maternal and child toys, mobile phone accessories, beauty and cosmetics, jewelry and watches, Top ten hot-selling categories such as fashion accessories and home life.

Second, the qualification requirements for settlement.

①. Have a legal business license registered in Mainland China or Hong Kong, China;

② The product meets local export requirements and local import requirements;

③ Have certain experience in cross-border e-commerce operations in Europe, America or Brazil.

Third, settle in incentives.

①, exclusive for speedy shop opening;

②, 3 months free of commission;

③ One-to-one incubation of account managers;

④ Exposure of platform resources.

Resource 1: 2 homepage flash sale slots, and enjoy an additional 5%-10% platform subsidy;

Resource 2: 2 homepage activity exposure positions;

Resource acquisition requirements: store opening time 2021.3.15–2021.4.15; the number of new SKUs reached 50 within 15 days after opening the store; the product is suitable for the Brazilian market, discounts are added to the store’s merchandise, at least 1 coupon, and at least 3 store categories;

It should be noted that the sellers who have obtained platform resource exposure will be contacted by the account manager.

One year’s plan is spring. It’s a good time to open a store in Brazil. Sellers who have already settled on the Shopee platform can ask their account manager for more information! New sellers also want to settle in Brazil site? You can scan the QR code below, or click here to settle in immediately to grab the first chance of breaking orders!

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