Shopee Taiwan Site Market Rules Revealed
5 min readNov 1, 2021


With the rapid development of Shopee in recent years, more and more Chinese merchants choose to settle in. Compared with the Malay site, Taiwan and ours have the same language and communication is convenient. The first site that Chinese merchants usually settle in is the Taiwan site. , With more and more sellers, in order to establish a harmonious online shopping platform, the rules of the platform are gradually improving. When newcomers are doing Taiwan sites, they must pay attention to the rules of Taiwan sites.

Features of Shopee Taiwan Station

Taiwan’s culture is similar to that of the mainland, the language is the same, and the consumption style is similar

Language: Traditional Chinese

Religion: 80% of Taiwanese people have religious beliefs (Buddhism, Taoism)

Style: Deeply influenced by Japanese culture, there are many Japanese cultural imprints in daily life, which is a model of Kazakhstan, Japan, Kazakhstan and Korea

Online shopping habits: 80% of Taiwanese use smartphones or tablets to shop online, and the frequency and amount of consumption are relatively high

The largest online shopping consumer group is consumers between the ages of 20–39

SLS aging and prohibited items:

According to the relevant laws and regulations in Taiwan, the following products are prohibited for transportation:

A. All fresh and unprocessed foods, meat and meat products, peanuts, lotus seeds, ginkgo (ginkgo), shiitake mushrooms, foods with medicinal value or therapeutic function;

B. Medicines, health products, medical equipment, pest control supplies, anti-mosquito bracelets;

C. Valuable securities such as cigarettes, *** and *** accessories, currencies, bills, stocks, etc.;

D. Flammable and explosive items (such as nail polish and other alcohol-containing products, essential oils, compressed gas), hair spray, perfume and other pure liquid products (liquid products must not exceed 100ML per order);

E. Items related to weapons (such as sights, model firearms, toy guns, ammunition, etc.) and offensive items (such as iron braces, truncheons, knives and axes, daggers, slingshots, swords, etc.)


F. Mobile phones, tablets and laptops, electric balance vehicles and other products with non-removable batteries, power banks, mobile power supplies (products that can charge other devices) and other pure electric products

G. Bluetooth products (such as wireless mice, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers), smart wearable devices, wireless communication products (such as radios, remote controls, routers, TV set-top boxes);

H. Child seats, car safety seats, trolleys, strong magnetic products (such as horns, microphones);

I. Animal and plant products restricted by the Washington Convention or requiring animal and plant quarantine certificates;

J. Live products that are accidentally turned on during transportation and cause light, heat, and noise;

K. Infringing and unlicensed products.

2. At the same time, the total value of parcels distributed by the store must not exceed 20000 NTD. If it exceeds, it will not be delivered.

Top 5 categories in Shopee

Fashion category: Taiwan market sells big categories all year round, fashionable and practical Japanese and Korean style

The most popular sub-category for women’s clothing is tops. Trousers and underwear have an upward trend and explosive potential. Korean styles and Japanese styles are widely favored by buyers. Wide pants and harem pants are popular fashion items.

Women’s underwear is one of Taiwan’s main sub-categories, and cross-border sellers have advantages in price and diversity.

Some buyers of women’s bags pay attention to fashion and function. Backpacks and side backpacks are popular sub-categories, and sellers can add more new trends and new products.

Analysis of key sub-categories of fashion category

Women’s underwear has doubled in the past six months, and is not affected by the season. The second largest sub-category of women’s clothing in the Taiwan market, cross-border products have price and diversity advantages

Women’s bags focus on function and fashion side backpacks/shoulder bags (dual-purpose bags, small square bags, chain strap bags), backpacks (leisure backpacks, rucksacks)

Maternal and child categories: strong growth momentum in the Taiwan market and hot-selling major categories

There are many choices for cute, high-quality, and maternal and child-focused categories for boys’ and girls’ clothes, girls’ clothes, and toys. Low-priced products for boys and girls (such as socks, underwear), excellent quality, can get abundant orders and many praises.

If you sell higher-priced products (such as T-shirts, trousers, jackets, etc.), you need to provide a richer selection of products. At present, the popular elements of children’s clothing in Taiwan are cute fruits and animal patterns. Mothers think that bright colors will make children more attractive. Energetic. As for children’s toys, educational toys and preschool toys are popular; many restaurants in Taiwan will stock educational toys such as house wine and building blocks.

Analysis of key sub-categories of maternal and infant categories

Fashionable mothers not only pay attention to the practicality of the product, but also value the appearance and fun; they value the product evaluation, so the quality must be excellent, and the product evaluation needs to be operated.

Beauty skin care: Taiwan market is easy to create explosive categories

Lipstick Mask Beauty Egg: In the Taiwan market, beauty and skin care products are easy to create explosive products, so sellers of this category need to pay more attention to which products to choose as drainage models. In terms of beauty tools, the data has always performed very well. Beauty eggs have always been a hot-selling product in Taiwan, and cross-border sellers can add more and better beauty eggs.

Lipsticks and facial masks are products with high daily sales.

Analysis of key sub-categories of beauty and skin care

As Taiwanese consumers continue to increase their requirements for beauty/skin care, product refinement and diversification are bound to become the general trend

New recommendations: gradient blush/liquid blush/moisturizing whitening mask/makeup brushes/hairline modification powder/moisturizing lotion

Household products: a variety of products to meet multiple needs of customers, cross-border sellers have an advantage

Girl environmental protection INS wind

Household goods require a lot of different kinds of goods to meet various needs of customers. Taiwan currently prohibits the purchase of beverages with plastic straws, so the sales volume of stainless steel, glass and other straws has increased significantly. This has also brought many buyers’ thinking about environmental protection, and the environmentally-friendly kitchenware products have the potential to explode orders.

Stationery is a relatively seasonal product, and romantic girlishness has recently become a trend.

Analysis of key sub-categories of furniture

Recently [romantic girly style] has become a trend. If you add sweet girly elements to the already popular hand-held/storage products and cat’s claw series, it is bound to attract buyers even more.

New suggestion: INS style, environmental protection series have been selling well

3C category: Taiwanese market cross-border sellers have great potential for hot-selling major categories

Simple plain and multifunctional

Among Taiwan’s 3C category of mobile phones and tablet peripherals, mobile phone cases are the best-performing sub-category for cross-border sellers, and cross-border products are of high quality and low price. Sellers can extend this advantage to the sub-category of mobile phone charging cables and occupy the powerful iPhone data cable market.

Analysis of key sub-categories of 3C category

Peripheral products with multiple functions are more eye-catching. In addition, products brought by Internet celebrities (such as selfie accessories) continue to be popular.

New suggestion: simple style, plain color

Shopee Taiwan site is here for everyone. Next, we will analyze other Shopee sites one by one. Sellers can continue to pay attention to us~

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