Several cases of Amazon account being blocked & how to make a complaint
4 min readMar 7, 2021

Amazon account will be blocked because of what circumstances? How to appeal after the account is blocked? This article will focus on these two aspects to explain.

1. The situation of Amazon account being blocked:

1. Account association

The so-called account association refers to the association of the same site. Amazon officially stipulates that a person or a company can only have one Amazon account. If Amazon uses technical means to monitor and check various data, match related factors, and find that a seller entity has more than two Amazon accounts, these accounts will be judged to be associated with accounts.

2. Account infringement leads to being blocked

This situation is the most common in operations, and it is also the most error-prone seller. For most sellers, they did not pay attention to detailed research on the product at the beginning.

In the end, you will step on the red line. Any appearance patent, invention patent, or trademark right will be a big pit if you step on one, and the store will be closed directly.

3. KYC audit but the account was blocked

According to the requirements of relevant European regulatory agencies, Amazon is obliged to conduct company and company owner identity audits (KYC audits) for sellers who open stores on European platforms (including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.). Sellers can only sell on the European platform after the European verification team has passed the review. For this reason, seller friends are required to go through the seller’s backstage when registering and after registering, fill in relevant information truthfully and upload the required documents as required. If the KYC audit fails, it will also result in the store being closed.

4. Store closures caused by poor Amazon performance indicators

Performance indicators are a code of conduct set for third-party sellers. Amazon uses performance indicators to distinguish between good and bad sellers.

Among these indicators, order defect rate, order cancellation rate, and delayed shipment rate are the main reasons that account is blocked. Return rate and customer service dissatisfaction rate are not hard indicators for measuring seller accounts.

Order defect rate: <1%, cancellation rate before delivery: <2.5%, late delivery rate: <4%, invoice delay rate ❤%.

5. The store is closed due to the product’s non-compliance with relevant regulations

Amazon takes care of consumers’ consumption experience very much. Therefore, some non-human and unpredictable factors in the sales process of some products cause consumers to receive outdated and damaged products that will also cause consumers to receive impressions of their experience. In order to receive AZ and bad reviews from customers; in addition, the attitude and results of after-sales service will also be the criteria for Amazon’s assessment.

6. The store is blocked due to malicious swiping of orders and manipulation of Review

This is Amazon’s ban. Sellers cannot buy reviews, nor can they offer discounts or gifts in exchange for good reviews. Amazon has formulated strict regulations to ensure the authenticity of reviews and strictly prohibits sellers from manipulating reviews.

2. How to appeal if the account is blocked

There are generally five steps to an account appeal:

1) Check the email notification sent to you by Amazon to know the specific reason for the removal of the sales right. Whether it is an account performance problem or a violation of Amazon policy. Under normal circumstances, Amazon will prompt in the email the reason why the account has been blocked, but it will not explain the problem too thoroughly. It is necessary for the friends to use their own brains to understand.

2) Check the performance of your account, and find out your specific account performance by customer evaluation. Or check whether the product violates Amazon’s sales policy. In short, find out the real reason why your shop was blocked. And we must carefully analyze these reasons.

3) Establish an action plan and list specific steps. Tell Amazon exactly what we plan to do in the future.

A: It means that you have clearly known that your problem comes from your sales process or your product selection problem.

B: Explain in detail how you will solve these problems in the actual operation.

When the seller drafts the content of the appeal, it is best to list the content of the appeal point by point, so that the expression will be clearer. After drawing up the appeal, don’t rush to submit the appeal email. You should call friends who are good at English to see if there are grammatical errors in the writing, whether the language expression is accurate enough, and whether the content is detailed enough. After confirming that there is no problem, proceed to the next appeal.

4) Send the appeal email to Amazon.

A: Log in to your seller account

B: Click (Performance Notifications)

C: Find the notice about the seller’s right to be revoked, click Appeal Button

5) Pay attention to your registered email, Amazon will reply to your new decision.

After the seller sends out the content of the complaint, Amazon will generally reply within 2 working days. However, because of the time difference, China is 12 hours faster than the United States, so sellers should wait patiently, but don’t wait. In addition to paying close attention to the registered mailbox, they should also follow the improvement plan written on the complaint letter and try their best to improve some of their existence. The problem.

The above is about the reasons why the Amazon account was blocked and how to appeal. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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