Prime Day is over, and a few things are pretty common regardless of sales
2 min readJul 15, 2022

During the Prime Membership Day, Kris observed several phenomena from the circle of friends to the seller group, and based on his 8 years of Prime experience, he simply shared the following with you:

Explosive single character:

1. Go with the flow, just like you must send blessings during the New Year. 2. There are still some expectations for the membership day.

Night Watch Shop:

1. What the company requires, there is no way. 2. For newbies, feel the “exploding” performance of the membership day. 3. If you don’t want to keep watch, set an alarm clock to watch it regularly.

Those who posted good records:

1. Service provider. 2.P or change the code, just want to get attention, just play. 3. For the first time.

The poor record:

1. Just kidding. 2. Even if it is true, it is estimated that it is a trumpet. 3. In order to conform to the status quo of most.

The group joked:

Ridiculous in various seller groups: 1. Those who did not participate in promotions. 2. There is no change in the single quantity, so you are free. 3. Entrepreneurs or small sellers.

Share multiples of:

Only share the growth multiple, do not share the single amount: 1. Small multiples do not mean poor, it may be a large base. Conversely, large multiples are not good, and the base may be small. 2. So they only share multiples without a single amount, either being modest or wanting to gain attention.

never uttered:

The seller group does not speak much: 1. I usually chat a lot, and if I don’t chat during this time, there is a high chance of bursting orders, because I will be busy at the beginning. 2. Of course, there are also sad ones. There are so many stockpiles, how to clear them?

In addition, before the Prime Membership Day, Kris gave you some tips, you can refer to: Prime day is coming, some tips for Amazon sellers

It is said that it is basically impossible for members to push new products every day or clear inventory. You can check whether it is correct.

If you also find interesting phenomena or new insights, please leave a message.

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