Money is sent! Receive it as soon as next week! Are Amazon sellers finally bidding farewell to the downturn in order volume?
4 min readMar 12, 2021


Amazon can always bring all kinds of mood swings to sellers in an ordinary day. No, it was down again this morning.


Is the system down or is it really zero orders?

Many sellers collectively reflect: FBA orders have been in the status a few hours ago, and there will be no orders after that, and they have dropped to a freezing point. Some sellers have no orders displayed since 1 o’clock in the afternoon yesterday. Is there something wrong with the Amazon backend, or is there really no order?

The seller who found the problem, Xiaozha, suspected that they were old Versailles. After all, he could find that he had no orders within a few hours. Not everyone has this kind of luck. This shows how good sales are usually there. I panicked after a few hours.

Other sellers said:

-I’m different. I have 0 orders every day, and I don’t have any listings on Amazon. I feel the same.

-I’m so envious, I really want to be a person who can find problems with the system

-I am also doing Amazon. If there are sellers who have no orders, it is a system problem, but I have not had orders, it can only be my problem

So, is it Amazon’s problem this time or is the seller really out of order? Is the order delay only encountered by some sellers, or is it a large-scale outbreak?

Not only in the seller group, but also sellers on the forum can’t help it↓

-It has been 3 hours, my ad is still being clicked, I cracked it, things can’t be sold, and ad bills are burning extremely vigorously.

- what happened? Is it because Amazon is maintaining it, so I can’t access the webpage?

-I’m relieved to see you like this, I haven’t had an order for two days.

It has to be said that the new crown epidemic has been raging in the United States for nearly a year. Although the battle should be gradually coming to an end with the widespread vaccination of vaccines, since the beginning of the year, the shopping desire of American residents has been in a sluggish state, and even many in the United States Residents claim that they face embarrassment such as unemployment.

In the months that were originally off-season, coupled with the current state of American residents, Chinese sellers who have continued to decline in single volume have been suspicious for a few times. Is it because the Americans are not buying things collectively? No, after all, the customer has no money.

Fortunately, this situation shouldn’t last long, because the US government’s money-issuing plan has already started!


The US $1400 relief fund will arrive, welcome the bursting of orders!

According to CNN, on the 10th local time, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the final version of the $1.9 trillion economic rescue plan with a 220:211 vote. The U.S. President Biden’s plan will be signed into law this Friday (12th). The bailout check will also be sent out and eligible people will be credited before the end of the month.

People with an annual income of less than US$75,000 (approximately RMB 500,000) can receive a check for 1,400 yuan relief. The approved relief plan mainly includes:

1. Each person can receive a bailout of up to US$1,400, and approximately 90% of families and individuals will be eligible;

2. Increase the unemployment benefit by 300 US dollars per week;

3. Inject about 350 billion U.S. dollars into state and local governments;

4. Provide about 170 billion U.S. dollars for the reopening of schools;

5. Increase food stamp benefits by 15% and extend it to September; 6. Help low-income families pay rent;

When will the seller’s expected burst of orders happen? Economist Scott R. Baker found: “Most of the expenses are spent in the first week or so after receiving the check. People with fewer bank deposits are more likely to spend money.”

In fact, domestic sellers may be one of the biggest beneficiaries of relief payments in the United States.

Daniel Gros, director of the European Policy Research Center, believes that the US$1.9 trillion stimulus of the Biden administration, which is mainly aimed at the demand side, will have a limited effect on the US economy, but will benefit European and Chinese manufacturers.

Baker has the same view: “Consumers tend to buy food, non-durable goods and other cheap items-and these are usually products produced by Chinese merchants.” This is good news for domestic sellers.

For the upcoming wave of purchases, many sellers are eager to make a big profit.

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