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3 min readOct 18, 2021

Amazon started to attract investment on September 22, and so far, sellers have successively received notices of store dismissal (compared with last year, it will be available only on January 1st of the coming year, this year is directly available for sale)

Opening a store is a happy thing, but if you meet and sell after opening a store, then you are not happy.

What is follow-up? Why is the follow-up unwelcome?

Follow-up is a policy allowed by Amazon. The English name of follow-up is sell yours on Amazon. It is to sell your own products on other people’s product pages, using other people’s listings, holding other people’s pictures, and looking at other people. Product reviews, selling their own products.

And when it comes to follow-up sales, I believe that most Amazon sellers gritted their teeth and will naturally scold “follow-sell dogs”. Although follow-up sales are supported by Amazon, our sellers finally spent a lot of money to push the link up. But the traffic and orders were stolen by follow-up sellers. Is this a bit of a loss?

So how can you prevent follow-up from opening a store?

To ask how to prevent follow-up sales, most sellers will think of transparent plans and Project Zero, but Brand Gating, which has always been known as the most effective, is rarely mentioned.

What is Brand Gating?

Brand Gating is Amazon’s brand sales threshold, which is Amazon’s control policy for brand follow-up sales. It allows brand manufacturers and private label sellers to control the list of distributors for their ASINs, preventing illegal third-party sellers from entering the list.

By joining Brand Gating, you can relatively simply control the brand’s sales and links on Amazon.

For example, for example, if you have joined Brand Gating, you have your own brand A. Then other people want to sell brand A products, they need to apply and authorize to you. After you add it to your authorized list, he can sell it.

Therefore, if someone else sells your product, you can remove it directly. To protect your brand.

Brand Gating has greatly increased the threshold and cost of follow-up sales, and it is self-directed to prevent follow-up sales without manual operation. In contrast, it is better and stronger than the transparent plan and Project Zero. No wonder it is called the most effective method to prevent follow-up.

How to apply for Brand Gating?


The brand must be registered through the Brand Registry

During the registration process, you must provide: product listing, product logo, packaging and name, Amazon account email, etc.


Submit ASIN list

Applicant sellers need to submit a list of products that they want to protect to Amazon.


Demonstrate the determination of brand protection

Amazon will give priority to sellers who value brand protection and actively combat counterfeiting. A history of applying for removal of counterfeit goods will help to pass the application.


Submit seller ID

Provide your seller ID and related information to Amazon to ensure the smooth progress of the application process.

Write at the end

Although Brand Gating has a good anti-following effect, it is very difficult to apply.

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