Is it necessary for Amazon advertising to do time-sharing price adjustment?
3 min readSep 27, 2021

First of all, let’s understand the logic of bidding. Is it true that the higher the bidding of our ads, the more exposure we can get? This is not necessarily true. The exposure of our advertisements is actually determined by two aspects. The first is the bidding of the keywords of your advertisements, and the second is the overall performance of your advertisements. In fact, the weight of performance is much greater than the bidding. After understanding this concept, we use these two factors to look at performance and bidding. Is it possible that the higher our bidding in a period of time, we may get more exposure? Living is possible, not 100% certain.

A seller asked if I increased the bid price during peak traffic periods and lowered the bid price during the trough period, so that I could achieve a goal of saving money. In other words, when I just put on a new product listing and when the product is in the new product period, I should play it like this. In fact, to a certain extent, this can indeed achieve the effect of saving advertising expenses, but I don’t recommend new sellers to play this way at the early stage of the product.

Someone asked, why?

Because what is the most important thing for you in the new product period? The most important thing is to let the platform know what you are, what your listing is, what kind of product you sell, and what kind of traffic should I match to you. Therefore, there is no need for us to fine-tune the bidding within a month before the new product is promoted. At this time, our goal is to search for more traffic, search for more clicks, and search for more keywords to let the platform know you and what kind of product you are, so as to match more traffic to you. .

In this process, we can continue to deny some traffic through the optimization of the report, so that the advertising traffic becomes more and more accurate.

When your listing enters a mature and stable period, it is necessary for us to consider increasing bids during peak traffic periods and lowering bids during trough periods to achieve a cost-saving effect. Let’s adjust the price. First of all, there is a certain risk in binding any third-party erp. The second point: when your sku quantity is not particularly large, you are not a big seller, but a small seller. , Maybe the number of your sku is only a dozen, dozens, then in this case we don’t need to use tools at all, it’s fine to make artificial adjustments, we just need to remember that our adjustment range is only about 0 Several, make a record every time you make adjustments, then specify a time period to increase, and at the same time specify a time period to decrease, and make a fixed time adjustment every day.

In addition, the refined operation of advertising can only achieve relative refinement, and we cannot achieve absolute refinement. But because of the refinement that others can’t do, we can do it, so the final result we make may be even better and better than our competitors.

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