Increase the organic flow of Amazon store, just these few steps
3 min readJun 28, 2022

With the gradual saturation and involution of domestic e-commerce business, more and more e-commerce merchants have to go to the cross-border e-commerce track. But at the same time, for “new e-commerce merchants”, the first task is to overcome the first difficulty — to find the secrets to increase store traffic. Let’s take a look at it together:

First, let’s talk about where the traffic channels are?

First of all, we understand that Amazon traffic is mainly composed of on-site traffic and off-site traffic.

On-site traffic: three magic weapons to increase natural traffic

1. Increase organic traffic

The traditional method is to improve the natural ranking by swiping orders. Customers are easily detected by the platform and competitors. They are already the key target of Amazon. Do not swipe orders!

2. Improve keyword ranking

Identify the core keywords of the product, increase the bidding price, and ensure that the advertising space is on the first 5 pages.

3. Product listing optimization

Exquisite pictures: including main pictures, drawings, A+ pages, etc.

High-quality copywriting: including title, five-line description, product description, etc.

Other information: price, QA, review evaluation, etc.

Off-site traffic: 7 steps to detonate Amazon traffic

step1: put the product on the shelf

Step2: Professional Review Station Drainage

Professional writers write Reviews

Publish to authoritative sites (remember to include links)

step3: Pinterest drainage

Sign up for a Pinterest Business account

Verify the website and create a Board with the product keyword as the name

After classification, share to the corresponding board

Share as Rich Pin

step4: Facebook drainage

Publish to Facebook Fan Page, you can even play Facebook’s PPC or CPM ads

step5: Slideshare drainage

Make about 10 pages of PPT (remember to add Amazon product page links for product keywords)

Register Slideshare account and publish PPT (PPT title and Tag must contain keywords of Amazon products)

step6: Youtube video drainage

Register a Youtube account

Record PPT as Easy Video

Log in to Youtube and create a channel with Amazon product keywords as the name

Post a video (don’t forget to include your Amazon product keywords in the video title and tag)

step7: Google+ drainage

Publish all of the above to a Google+ page

In general, the 7-step rule of off-site traffic is an infinite loop of logic:

Amazon merchandise

Amazon product review

Goods and review rich pin




google plus

Collect feedback to form a new review

Second, let’s discuss how to quickly get to the search home page?

First, the first step sellers need to conduct competitive data analysis on the core keywords of the Listing, and arrange their own Listing optimization ranking steps according to the data analysis;

Secondly, sellers need to combine the latest requirements of Amazon’s A9 algorithm, through a series of listing keyword layout optimization, combined with positive factors such as the new listing traffic support cycle and the optimization of the listing conversion rate, to continuously stimulate the A9 algorithm to effectively match the listing keywords, so that the listing can be effectively matched. Core keyword search ranking on the first page;

Finally, when the listing keyword is on the homepage, the seller needs to monitor the conversion rate data of the listing, the number of orders issued by the listing, and the ranking effect of the listing’s sub-category. To keep the conversion rate of Listing as low as possible, it is necessary to continuously optimize the accuracy of traffic drainage. The specific method is to not blindly guide low-quality off-site traffic, and optimize the accuracy of Amazon’s automatic advertising and manual advertising.

3. Finally, let’s talk about the conversion rate

After talking about the source of traffic, let’s talk about the conversion of traffic. Traffic is king, of course, but I personally think that traffic conversion is more critical.

To improve the conversion rate of keywords, Amazon sellers must perform highly relevant matching of product selling points and keywords. In the process of listing optimization, try to keep the keywords, product main image, and product selling points consistent, so that the conversion rate of keywords will continue to increase. In the process of advertising, sellers can improve the conversion rate of keywords by changing the matching form of keywords and adding appropriate negative keywords.

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