How will Shopee get more traffic in 2021? A few tips have been attached
5 min readFeb 16, 2021

For cross-border e-commerce sellers, traffic can be said to be equal to sales and profits, so traffic is what we must pay attention to. How can Shopee drive traffic in 2021 to get more traffic? Here are a few simple methods for reference.

1. Update in time
New products that have just been launched are ahead of similar products, and consumers will see your new products earlier, so they can choose to pick up new products during peak traffic periods.
Peak traffic period:
Taiwan Station and Singapore Station: 20:00–00:00
Malay Station: 14:00–16:00
Indonesia Station: 10:00–12:00; the number of orders placed after 21:00 starts to decrease;
Philippine station: the order time is relatively scattered, and it can be online all day;
Vietnam Station: There are more orders in the morning.

2. Manually put items on top
Click on the upper left corner of the Shopee official website to enter the [Seller Center], and click [My Products] to enter the product page. On the [My Products] product page, click [live] to view products sold online. Click [Boost Now] in [More operations] to set the product to the top, and it will automatically enter a 4-hour countdown after it is topped; [Within 4 hours] you can select 5 top products at the same time, and the product can be placed on the top of the corresponding category page position.
It should be noted that this method is used with caution for products with a flow basis, and is more suitable for new products.

3. Actively participate in platform activities
Every platform has activities. To be honest, activities are to fight for capital and seize resources.
There is a marketing center in the Shopee backend, where many themed activities are often published. Different activities are aimed at different categories. For example, in June, there will be promotions for maternal and child products or 3c digital products, all of which are launched by Shopee’s marketing department. Yes, they will tell the details of the activity to some sellers whose weight is okay and the category is also suitable.
It should be noted that novice sellers can participate in novice store activities. Sellers should seize this opportunity to achieve rapid drainage and increase their weight.
Some festivals in Southeast Asia are similar to those in China. The first half of the year is the low season for sales, and the second half is the peak season for sales.
Shopee will conduct online activities and offline promotion during the holiday season to achieve drainage outside the station.
For example, June is the holy month of Ramadan in Malaysia and Indonesia, which is as important as the Chinese New Year. Therefore, the platform will have a significant increase in traffic during this time period.

4. Fan marketing
Fan marketing is a personalized function of Shopee. Shopee is a social e-commerce company, similar to Weibo, where buyers and sellers can follow each other.
Actively follow: Sellers can search for similar popular sellers on the APP, and actively follow this seller and its existing fans. This will have a higher chance of being re-followers and increase exposure. The current limit of fans is currently 5000;
Buyer interaction circle fans: attach importance to every opportunity to communicate with buyers, reply to chat messages in time, and improve customer conversion and retention;
Fan discount: sellers can encourage buyers to like their products or follow the store, and give discounts or gifts as rewards for the next purchase.

Follow the advantages of fans
• Fans are an important source of store natural traffic and orders. For stores in the early stage of operation, increasing the number of store fans is a very important link. In the early stage of store operation, increasing fans is a very important operation link;
• After the store has a certain number of fans, the seller can regularly plan some store-themed activities and actively interact with buyers to promote the store-themed activities. The seller can also set up some special discount coupons for themed activities to be displayed on the store homepage to attract buyers buy. Abundant store activities help increase buyer repurchase rate and attract new customers.

5. Optimize the product title
Prepare to find hot words first, and then combine them with 1.60 characters as full as possible; compare the titles of competitors; brand words + category words + attribute words + selling point function + long tail words, and learn to choose the best sellers in the market. The target customer group selects products, 60%-70% of users are young women who are concerned about cost-effective trendy products. According to the target customer group selection products, 60%-70% of users are young women who are concerned about cost-effective trendy products. The selection of products focuses on the following categories: popular shoes and clothing / beauty and health care / maternal and child products / watch accessories / home decoration.

6. Advertising activities
Product ranking in search results has a direct impact on product exposure. Proper advertising can bring more traffic to products and stores in a short time. Sellers can formulate advertising plans according to their own budgets, and adjust strategies in time according to advertising effects.

7. Shop selection
After setting up the hot selection of the store, the products filtered by the seller will be displayed under the store information on the details page. Through store association, the high-exposure products are used to deliver traffic to other products in the store.

8. Drainage outside the station
In addition to the traffic inside the platform, the drainage outside the station has gradually received attention. Social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok cover a wider range of users. With the huge traffic of social networking sites, sellers can attract more fans to the store while increasing the visibility of the store, laying the foundation for building their own brands and cultivating fan loyalty. Paid advertising on Facebook and INS is a quicker way to achieve results. It is more suitable for large sellers with strong funds. Then, in conjunction with Internet celebrity resources, multiple channels and multiple methods can achieve better results.
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