How to get high-quality fans?
2 min readMar 22, 2021

Since the September Procurement Festival released the venue investment rules-live broadcast venue, a fan threshold has been added, and the number of fans must reach more than 400, so Brother Qi has seen the power of the wisdom of partners and all kinds of mutual fans, I believe The partners also know that Xiao Er has announced that domestic IP will not be included in the number of fans. If it is found that powder brushing will directly cancel the qualification for registration for the September Procurement Festival, a professional powder brushing industry has been born later. Today, Brother Qi will share a high-quality fan-absorbing operation to help partners get more real and high-quality fans.

It is still inseparable from the assistance of business partners to attract fans efficiently, because the business is directly in contact with customers. In fact, the company can also set corresponding mechanisms to mobilize the enthusiasm of the business. For example, to obtain 1 foreign IP fan, you can get 1 yuan (for It’s better to give business partners opportunities for professional fans. The quality of fans acquired by the business is even higher. Because the business is to generate business opportunities with the store and guide customer behavior to attract fans. The quality of fans is much higher than the quality of fans. You have to spend more energy on sucking powder, because this part of the flow is not negligible.

Not much to say, just look at the following operations:

First get Fantong resource link:

Myalibaba — →Marketing Center — — ->Release History — →click to share — ->copy the link (or intercept the QR code)

Obtaining the link can guide customers’ attention from the following regular social networking:

1. Through Alibaba’s regular TM chat or inquiry, send Fantong video link to guide customers to follow

2. Send Fantong link videos through the live chat Whatsapp to guide customers to follow

3. Send Fantong link videos through Wechat to guide customers to follow

4. Send Fantong link videos through off-site facebook to guide customers to follow

5. Through the customer pass EDM, send the fan pass link video to guide the customer to follow

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