How to fill in Amazon invoice
2 min readJul 14, 2022

Invoices are very important audit documents in Amazon. When a seller encounters a customer complaint and the Listing is removed, Amazon generally asks us to provide an invoice for review.

So, what are the precautions for invoicing?

1. Billing type

During the invoice review, we can submit both ordinary invoices and special VAT invoices.

But it should be noted that the invoice must be the company corresponding to our registered Amazon account, and no third party can appear, otherwise the invoice will be invalid.

2. Number of invoices

If the invoiced quantity does not match the product quantity, the review may fail.

If the number of products that Amazon requires us to invoice is the sales volume in the past year, then the invoice number must be more than the actual sales volume, otherwise the invoice will be invalid. For example, if a product has sold 1,000 units in the past year, the number of invoices must be more than 1,000 units. Because it is impossible for us to prepare only 1,000 pieces, nor less than 1,000 pieces. In addition, if we have too many products, and one invoice cannot be issued, it is also possible to invoice separately. For example, if we need to stock up 1,100 pieces, one invoice will issue 500 pieces, and the other invoice will issue 600 pieces, which is completely no problem.

3. Billing time

The billing time is also a very important point to pay attention to. The billing time on the invoice must be earlier than the time when the first shipment arrives at Amazon. Do not issue an invoice after a period of sales. If you forgot to issue an invoice at first and make it up later, the time will definitely not be right. But we can fill in the remarks column in the lower right corner of the invoice when making up the invoice, and fill in the invoice of which time and which product was reissued in detail. Amazon will only recognize our invoices if the remarks are clear.

4. Prevention methods

There is only one best way to prevent Amazon from checking invoices. At the time of production, each product has an invoice, so there is no need to worry about Amazon checking the invoice. Even if Amazon is asked to provide an invoice, the time, company name, quantity and other conditions of our invoice are all correct, and the review will be passed quickly. An Amazon review staff has a large number of cases to deal with every day, and their work is also in accordance with the platform process. As long as we pay attention to the above four points, our billing will be passed with a high probability.

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