How to file an Amazon association appeal? What is the harm of Amazon account linking?
2 min readMar 19, 2021

The Amazon platform only allows each seller to have one account. If Amazon detects that you have cross-selling between accounts on the same site, Amazon will send an email to warn you to delete the listing on an account by yourself. If you ignore it without warning, you may be forced to close all associated accounts. So how to make an Amazon association appeal?

Amazon association appeal method:

It is best to prepare all the Amazon account information that may cause problems, and the information related to each account, so as to prove that the account is a normal and legal account. Send the first complaint email to Amazon and provide the certification information of the account to the Amazon platform. The certification information of each account provided cannot be the same, otherwise Amazon will determine that you are associated with multiple accounts based on the same information.

After sending the first email, start checking all accounts that you may be judged to be associated with the account, and analyze the associated factors (as described above). So as not to continue to jump pits in the future. Amazon platform will send a second email after receiving your appeal email. Perhaps the account has been approved and can be unblocked, or further requirements may be required. Generally, some account or store rectification requirements will be provided here. Sellers need to follow Request to adjust and send a second appeal email.

The harm of Amazon account linking:

1. Associated with the site account, and the products sold between the accounts are crossed, Amazon will force you to remove all listings of the new account.

2. There is no crossover between products sold on the same site, and the account may continue to survive.

3. For any site, if one of the associated accounts is closed, then the others will not escape bad luck, it is only a matter of time. Therefore, the effects of account linking are still very serious and must be paid attention to. This also requires that we must understand the related factors and take preventive measures in the company’s daily operations.

Ideas for writing a complaint letter:

1. Clarify the error and sincerely admit it;

2. Write a specific rectification plan, which is plan of action, or poa for short;

3. At the end, express the determination to make corrections and ask Amazon to give another sales opportunity.

The content of the complaint letter must emphasize that you have only one seller account, no other Amazon seller accounts, and the account’s behavior is good, there is no possibility of violation, and you are a high-quality seller. You can also give some examples, such as your own products. Popular. Explain all aspects of listing performance, good sales, five-star reviews, and performance.

The above is the content sharing on how to conduct an Amazon association appeal.

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