How to choose Amazon categories
1 min readJul 15, 2022

1. Higher profits

Everyone has expectations for the categories they want to do. Since it is a commercial activity, profit should naturally be the first.

2. The demand is bigger

Demand is the core of digesting orders. Only when the market demand is large enough can sales and profits be guaranteed.

3. Demand must continue

In other words, profits must be sustainable, not just short-term, temporary gains.

4. Less competition

If competition in a category is already fierce, chances of a big sale are slim.

5. The threshold should be low

For example, in categories such as medical equipment and anti-epidemic materials, sellers are required to have corresponding qualifications, which is obviously not suitable for ordinary novices.

6. Low risk

Different categories have different risks. As a novice, of course, it is more realistic to choose categories with relatively lower risks.

Note that the current market competition is already very fierce, and there are at least tens of thousands of eyes staring at various categories on the platform every day. Therefore, in the real category selection process, it is almost impossible to find categories that meet all the above key elements at the same time. Therefore, We often have to make tradeoffs.

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