How to become an AliExpress seller
1 min readJul 12, 2022

1. The first step

A business license is required. If it is an individual industrial and commercial household or an enterprise business license, it can enter AliExpress. And one business license can open six stores, but can open up to three stores for the same purpose.

2. The second step

It is necessary to have a public account number. A public bank account refers to an account opened in a bank in the name of the company. The business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, legal person certificate, account opening certificate, manager certificate, official seal, legal person seal, and financial seal can be processed by the bank.

3. The third step

Legal person’s ID card.

4. Step 4

If you need a brand’s trademark, you can register the brand’s trademark with the State Trademark Office yourself, or you can entrust a trademark agency to help you handle it. Whether the trademark is TM or R, it can be settled on AliExpress. Personally suggest that the trademark is the best. Preferably in English or a combination of Chinese and English.

Therefore, if you want to become an AliExpress seller, you must meet the above requirements. If you do not meet them, you will not be able to successfully enter AliExpress.

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