How many sites does AliExpress have? What are the categories that can be sold?
3 min readMar 16, 2021

How many sites does AliExpress have? Now, according to statistics, the AliExpress platform has covered more than 200 countries and regions. But among the more than 200 countries, there are also countries with strong purchasing power and countries with relatively weak purchasing power. According to current statistics, Brazil, the United States, Spain, the former UN Secretary-General, the Netherlands, Israel, Canada, Belarus and Russia are the countries with the strongest purchasing power. Especially in the Russian market, the performance of the AliExpress platform is the most prominent.

So what are the categories that AliExpress can sell? If AliExpress is only a category, it cannot meet the needs of some businesses. You can upload and manage multiple types of products. As long as the product category is within the same business scope, there are no special restrictions on the release of multiple categories of products. However, it is recommended that the categories should not be too messy, which will cause problems for store positioning and store promotion. If you take the brand professional direction, it will also affect the later traffic weights.

Categories that AliExpress can sell:

1. For example, if you don’t engage in industries where disputes are too high, damage is too high, and complaints are high, you can exclude most of them. After asking my own thoughts, many categories were eliminated on the first point, and the second point should be combined with my own situation.

2. If you are in a product belt, whether it is to get the goods or cooperate with the factory, it is relatively light.

After thinking about the above two points, you can write down the remaining categories, and then judge them one by one.

Which categories are easier to do?

First, clothing accessories. Such as the weather in Russia, knitted hats, scarves, gloves and so on. It can be sold in the second half of the year, and sellers can start selling in July, because the logistics speed of cross-border e-commerce is slower than in China. After taking pictures of new customers in advance, the logistics can arrive within half a month, and it is just ready for use.

Second, 3C digital accessories. With the rapid development and popularization of electronic digital products, 3C products have become the products with the highest frequency of use and the longest contact time in people’s daily life. Innovative application-oriented electronic products and supporting 3C accessories have become the main source of future market competition. Sellers who want to develop the 3C digital industry can cultivate corresponding categories in depth based on specific actual conditions.

Third, household goods. Daily necessities are essential accessories in daily life. Sellers can combine market trends, consumer structure and preferences, integrate the application and product promotion of home furnishing categories in real life, and share the home furnishing market strategically.

Fourth, if the business does not want to make the damage rate too high, then the lighting industry or some sensitive equipment should not do it. Even if the packaging of the goods that need to be handled carefully is intact, the long-term journey will be violent sorting by the courier, and the possibility of product damage is still relatively high.

Fifth, if the merchant is in the product belt, it is relatively light to get the goods or cooperate with the factory. If the seller is in Shantou, it is certainly good to make sanitary ware, hardware, and ceramic products; Baigou has the advantage of making bags; in Shenzhen, there are many advantages to doing 3C digital work.

Although these categories are easy to make, it doesn’t mean you can make a store. The most important thing is business skills. Before opening a store, it is best to conduct market research, analyze what is good in the market, and then choose the category of interest according to your own situation.

The above is that AliExpress has several sites and content sharing for saleable categories.

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