How does Amazon’s old products explode traffic
5 min readNov 12, 2021


Amazon’s old products want to burst traffic in two ways. One is to increase the exposure and the other is to increase the conversion rate. Only with these two aspects of data, the traffic will naturally be much higher.

1. Increase exposure

1. The first picture

The first image must be a pure white background, it must be a physical display, without other accessory images; the first image product must cover at least 85% of the entire image, without any text description or watermark; TIFF and GIF formats can be used Picture file;

2. Title

Title is a very basic factor that affects search rankings. A good title can create profits for the product, and it needs to be written carefully. In a good title, it is necessary to express the basic information of the product (such as including core keywords, such as brand, product series or model, material or main ingredients, color, size, quantity, and the first keyword on the title is generally Brand name), but also in line with the buyer’s search habits, so in order to write a good title, sellers who open a store on Amazon need not only master the basic information of the product, but also understand the market, buyers and competitors.

3. Search terms

The keywords set in Search Term are not displayed at the front desk, and the words filled in are equivalent to the database. When a buyer uses a keyword to search, if these words happen to be written in the seach term, then automatic matching will be performed, including exact matching, Phrase matching, fuzzy matching. Therefore, when the seller fills in the seach term, he can fill in words that are not used in Titie (title).

4. Price

You can set a competitive price based on the results of the previous market research; use the third-party tool AMZTracker to observe the ranking. If the ranking rises, the pricing will be maintained; if the ranking declines, continue to adjust the price until the ranking can rise; observe the relationship between pricing and ranking every day to maintain a steady upward trend in the ranking until the target ranking is reached or surpassed; the target is reached After ranking, gradually adjust prices upwards, continue to observe ranking changes, and finally determine stable and competitive pricing; long-term observation of ranking changes, if there is a strong competitor, the ranking will decline, and the pricing strategy needs to be adjusted in time.

5. Rank (ranking)

The early stage is to work hard to improve the ranking of the product! The main factors affecting product search ranking are as follows. Correlation

The relevance of keywords is a basic factor that affects search rankings. Sales volume and conversion rate The sales volume of each product is different, and the conversion rate has its own high and low. This factor will also affect the search order of the product. Account weight and performance One of the concepts of cross-border e-commerce platform Amazon is to focus on products and light on stores, and attach great importance to the buyer’s buying experience. If the performance indicators of the seller’s store opening on Amazon are very good, they are doing a good job in products or services. Very good, then Amazon will increase the weight of the store’s products accordingly.

6. CPC

Amazon CPC advertising keyword sources include two types: Automatic Targeting generated automatically and Manual targeting manually set. Through constant price adjustment for a period of time, analyze the change between the delivery cost of the core keyword and the click to determine a reasonable bid Bid of the core keyword, so as to obtain the maximum return on investment ROI of CPC advertising. After completing the above core keyword optimization, you can use the keyword tool to mine the long-tail keywords of the product, and carry out the long-tail keyword placement test according to the above method, sort out the long-tail keywords with high conversion rate, and then put them in large quantities .

Second, increase conversion rate

1. Photo

Buyers search for products through keywords, and the first thing they see are pictures of your products and incomplete titles. People are always visual animals, and the beauty of your products depends on the quality of your product pictures.

2. Review

When the basic LISTING is optimized, in many cases the conversion rate is directly related to REVIEW. The number of REVIEWs is of course the more the better. When Amazon still allows evaluation, few TOP REVIEWER reviews are unattractive. In general, pay attention to keep the review score at 4 or above as much as possible, and the form of reviews should be as rich as possible. There should be text, video, and pictures. For every additional 100 orders, keep adding 5 or so comments. Everyone has the habit of looking at good reviews when shopping. If the same products and prices are found by users, there is no doubt that 90% of consumers will rush to more well-reviewed products.

3. Price

Standard price and Sale price should be set at the same time, but also pay attention to determine whether the price of Sale price is really competitive.

4. Rank

Improve keyword matching

(1) The classification of the product: When publishing a product, it is necessary to correctly select the product category and sub-category. (2)Titie (title): Title is a very basic factor that affects search rankings. A good title can create profits for the product, and it needs to be written carefully.

(3) Bullet point (detailed description): Bulletpoint (short description) is mainly used to list the main selling points and highlights of the product, including product introduction, size, function, product features and advantages, and transportation time. This piece of content is the content that buyers will read when they learn more about the product.

(4) Description: The long description is an extension of the short description. There is a lot of space to write keywords, describe in detail, and supplement product information.

(5) Search Term (keyword): The keywords set in SearchTerm are not displayed in the front desk, and the words filled in are equivalent to the database. You can fill in words that are not used in Titie (title).

5. CPC

Note that our product and category classifications are also related to keywords. If the category and keywords are not related, our CPC advertisements may appear on categories that do not belong to your product at any time. An automatic advertisement will be associated with the product with a high category ranking.

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