How do Amazon sellers write their own product descriptions
3 min readOct 29, 2021

Amazon novices are often confused at the beginning, so let’s talk about an important task in the optimization and creation of Listing today: product description!

Amazon product description content:

When editing product descriptions, one thing to be clear is that product descriptions are not equivalent to product manuals, so you cannot copy and paste the product manuals. On the Amazon platform, the role of product description is to answer the more detailed product content that users fail to understand in the product image, title, and five-element features. This requires that the core of the product description is the further expansion of the aforementioned three items.

However, the fast perception of product applicability and the objective situation of quickly deciding whether to buy or not required for online shopping requires us to make the language as vivid as possible in product descriptions, not just the shriveled technical parameters, so the language is popular Easy to understand has become the main form of expression in product descriptions.

Of course, it may be easy for most of us to be familiar with a product and use it correctly, but it is difficult to make a good expression of it in an easy-to-understand way in accurate and appropriate language. In the product description The same is true in writing and editing, plus the need to express in English makes it even more difficult. What should I do then?

Refer to competitors. Many people choose to refer to the descriptions of competitors. Indeed, competitors are always the best teachers. A listing that has been sold as an explosive product must have undergone multiple planning and selection of product descriptions. The meaning of reference materials is not to say. Yu. Perhaps, your product may not be exactly the same as the parameters of the competing product, then choose the same partial reference, modify the different product content, and then, completely copy a company called plagiarism, through the comparison of multiple listings product descriptions from multiple sellers, Synthesize, and then summarize and refine your own product description, which is called optimization and innovation.

Amazon product description form:

On the Amazon platform, when you publish a product, it is not a WYSIWYG display form. If you do not insert the corresponding HTML tag in the product description, no matter how perfect the page you edited in the early stage, it will be published on Amazon after publishing. The display on the front desk page is densely packed, which directly affects the consumer’s reading experience, which may cause customers who originally intended to buy to also turn off the page to choose another home.

This requires us to achieve excellent content, and at the same time in terms of expression, to be uniform and orderly in segments.

As Amazon product description font, size, font color, etc. are fixed and immutable, we can only play with bold, line break, and blank line (using two line breaks in conjunction). The specific usage of these two tags is as follows:

Line break

The first line of content

The second line of content

The third line of content

Bold symbol

Content that needs to be bold

In addition to the above Amazon product description content, you may wish to add sentences such as “XXX trademark is a registered trademark, XXX store is the only authorized store, and all infringements will be complained” in the product description, which can not only enhance the brand image, but also Can play a role in deterring follow-up sellers to a certain extent.

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