How Amazon Improves Customer Repurchase Rate
2 min readSep 27, 2021

Amazon market research shows that the cost of retaining old customers may be 12 times cheaper than winning new customers.

All businesses need to increase sales to achieve their long-term development goals. But it is common now that buyers just want to attract new customers and ignore the importance of old customers.

So, how to improve the repurchase rate of Amazon’s old customers?

1. Understand the store’s repurchase rate

Digital marketing means that you need to analyze data and develop your own marketing plan. Therefore, sellers should better analyze the repurchase rate and the reasons for customer repurchase, and can expand the advantages of their products based on this reason and attract customers more.

Study the average repurchase rate of old customers over a period of time, and obtain these indicators from the past 12 months. Using this information, sellers can know the importance of retaining old customers.

2. Use email marketing

Email marketing also talked about the method of using email marketing in the previous article. To continuously increase the customer’s repurchase rate, it is necessary to attract customers to repurchase. For example, you can prepare some small gifts on your birthday, or you can prepare coupons. This will bring good feelings to customers. (It would be better to add other festivals)

It is recommended that businesses develop the habit of making monthly advertising plans, defining the sending date, sending time, recipient (list/segment), subject and subject line. By formulating a monthly plan and completing the shipment on the planned date and time, it is better than other businesses.

3. Brand effect

A good brand not only provides customers with high-quality and satisfactory services, but also prompts customers to actively promote and leave a deep impression in the hearts of customers.

Therefore, the product must support a good brand, only in this way can the product move and enter everyone’s mind. Brands endow products with emotion and value, thereby influencing customers and attracting customers. For example, Gucci, Chanel, Li Ning. This is the leader of many brands.

In general, good brands and products will increase the customer’s repurchase rate. Mainly to build products and brands, but it is not easy to increase the customer’s repurchase rate

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