Five methods to prevent follow-up and two strategies to drive follow-up
4 min readFeb 9, 2021

As an Amazon seller, when I talked about selling, I hated it and gritted my teeth. The countless scenes of night battles in order to rush to sell immediately came to my heart. The feeling is like a child who has worked hard to raise it overnight. It’s not an exaggeration to be abducted and run away from time to time.

In addition, there is also such a phenomenon. There are quite a number of big sellers who started with follow-up sales in the early years. In that era of barbaric growth and gold everywhere, they followed-up and sold imitation brands, and even some of them. After sending an empty package to the past, earn a wave of quick money and immediately flash people. It can be said that those people have already realized the primitive accumulation of capital, and their current wealth accumulation (Villa BMW) must be thankful and sold for this function. But for those sellers who have been committed to building boutique stores and brands, the follow-up function is a lingering nightmare.
Do you still remember the article “An Amazon seller’s late night blood and tears complaint history: I was stolen, trampled, and shot for 5 months after being spotted by the giant VC”? Any seller who is a party to the article can only endure this humiliating behavior silently, because in Amazon’s terms of service, follow-up selling is originally allowed, but this behavior is caused by certain Chinese sellers. The game is broken, so it deteriorates.

How to prevent follow-up sales? Based on years of experience in the industry, I have summarized 10 methods. In fact, they can be divided into 5 categories to prevent follow-up sales. The first is to use product combination to make corresponding product differentiation and hot products + Low-value-added gifts that are more difficult for sellers to purchase. The second idea is to differentiate in product design and packaging to increase the difficulty of following sellers. The third idea is to register a trademark and register the brand on Amazon. Most followers will not choose branded products for follow-up. We can also use Amazon’s brand protection tools to drive away followers. The fourth idea is that we can actively trigger category review to increase the entry threshold of category, so that followers can withdraw. The fifth idea is to use Amazon’s tools and plans to prevent follow-up sales.

This is often popular in the Amazon seller circle. If you have not been followed, you have never done Amazon. Our old sellers know that it takes time, money, and energy to make a listing into a hot item, but after your accumulated efforts, the listing has just gotten on track, and suddenly it’s halfway through, and the price is low. Sell your listing. Although we talked about 10 ways to prevent follow-up sales, what should we do if we encounter these Cheng Yaojin? In my course, I do not advocate the use of “killing the enemy with one thousand and destroying eight hundred”. Follow the sell strategy, many in the circle adopt radical methods, such as price wars, selling at a loss, maliciously brushing and selling orders, mass sending each other’s exemption orders, linking to other brands, searching for store information and listing them on them, etc. Etc., for these high-risk behaviors, our goal is to start with courtesy and then to fight without affecting our business and the safety of our listings, and gradually adopt 5 methods to achieve the purpose of driving away and selling.
Drive away and sell method 1: Send a warning letter
When you are being sold, the easiest way is to send a warning letter to the other party. Then how to write the warning letter. Here I will give you two templates. You can write based on this template. The content is mainly to inform the other party that we have registered a trademark in the United States and what the trademark number is. I hope you will remove the follow-up as soon as possible. If you do not remove it, we will take further actions and report it on Amazon.

The second method of driving away and selling: TEST BUY + warning letter
In fact, many Amazon brand sellers will encounter nails when they complain and sell, so we need to take measures one step closer. That is the third method, Test buy.
What is a test buy, that is to say, I know that the seller certainly does not have the same product as me, whether it is product packaging, accessories, gifts, etc., I have not authorized the brand to them, but the product is a normal product, purchased from the factory , The other party may also be able to purchase this product, but it feels that we do not have our brand and the same packaging, accessories and gifts. At this time, the other party sells me. According to Amazon’s rules, the follower must have exactly the same packaging, exactly the same size, color, and exactly the same accessories or gifts. If the other party is not, after you buy it through the test buy, You can prove that the other party is a fake. How to buy? First, use your own Amazon buyer account to buy, and second, you can use the buyer account of an overseas friend to buy. Then prove the difference in the product. Then send a warning letter to the follower.

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