Do you think there are still development prospects for cross-border e-commerce?
2 min readOct 18, 2021


Overall, the prospects for cross-border e-commerce are still good, Chinese products are also more popular in foreign markets, and the overall external environment is good. But as far as individuals are concerned, whether they can sell well depends on the target market and their own strength.

1. Red Sea: In the European and American markets, at present, although the customer unit price is high, there is definitely money to be made when doing well, but the competition is fierce. Established cross-border platforms such as Amazon and Ebay have already occupied most of the market share. It is somewhat difficult to enter the market. However, some people have entered the market through promotion and the effect is remarkable. I remember one day a customer said in the group that they were The order wakes up.

Of course, in order to achieve this effect, a certain amount of investment is required in the early stage, so those with strong strength can consider getting a share of the European and American markets.

2. Blue ocean: Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions with less developed e-commerce. Local e-commerce companies in these areas have not yet developed, but there is strong demand from the locals. Entering this type of market has relatively low costs and fast orders. One of our customers is doing the Mongolian market, and it is doing well!

Therefore, it is quite promising to choose the right market according to your own strength, choose a good strategy, and do cross-border e-commerce.

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