Crack the secret of multi-account operation
2 min readFeb 16, 2021


The listed company has a tree with 284 Amazon accounts (Tianze, Xinghui, Zebao, Aoji, Anke)

There is such a phenomenon in domestic Amazon sellers, each seller will have multiple accounts, why is this?

Increase sales channels:

Expanding sales, a project team succeeds, you can replicate this success and add new accounts.

Category dominates the screen, layout a small category, multiple accounts occupy most of the pits, a strategy to run on peers

Refined operation, each account is refined into only one category, and new accounts are used to expand new categories (different project groups have different categories, for example)

Get REVIEW: This is to use Amazon’s follow-up policy. If different sellers sell the same product, they can share a page. The reviews generated by these sellers are left on this shared page, so use a small account as the main account to obtain the Review in some ways , The risk is grafted on the trumpet

Follow-up sales: Out of stock, small accounts and seller accounts due to position restrictions, to prevent out-of-stocks, follow-up sales can also be used as large and small, with old and new, allocating traffic, supporting small numbers, and allowing small numbers to grow rapidly , To get more sales.

Prevent risks: If you only have one account, if you encounter infringement, performance, policy and other factors and be closed, or you step into some pits in the operation process, your Amazon business will stop, so I have repeatedly emphasized that There must be multiple accounts to spread the risk.

Operational test: When we want to try a new gameplay, some accounts can be used as death squads. We can’t try with a large size, but can use a new account to do it. If we hang up, it will not affect our business.

These are the reasons and needs for sellers to have multiple accounts. But this often violates Amazon’s policy requirements, especially Amazon’s account linking risks

For new sellers, account security and association are all on thin ice and cautious. There is also a saying in the seller circle, “It is difficult to do well in Amazon business without linking two Amazon accounts.” This is of course self-deprecating sellers, but it also shows the account security encountered by our sellers in the course of business. The importance of.
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