Collection of Amazon QA Operations (2001–2010)
2 min readOct 3, 2021


Q2001: Will Amazon’s warehousing of 28 kilograms of goods be prevented from being put on the shelves?

It will be on the shelves normally, but due to overweight, additional fees may be charged.

Q2002: Can the goods from two stores be sent to the same receiving address together?

It can be sent as a single ticket, as long as the products from the two stores are not put in the same box.

Q2003: Can I add the brand name of a good product to the keyword in manual advertising?

You can add it, but the brand word is best related to the product, otherwise it may be invalid traffic.

Q2004: Is there any risk in finding a service provider to delete bad reviews?

After all, it is an illegal operation, and there are still risks. The magnitude of the risk also depends on the action of the service provider to delete the review.

Q2005: I would like to ask, the shipment shows that it has been completed, but only some products are on the shelves. Is this normal?

There are fewer shipments, it must be abnormal. You can apply for cargo differential query in the background.

Q2006: Shows completed shipments, but the number of products is actually less. Will they not be put on the shelves next time?

If the Amazon warehouse finds your leftover products, they will be arranged for shelves. If it is not found, it will not be listed.

Q2007: If the shipment is lost in Amazon warehouse, will Amazon pay if it is not found?

Need to apply for investigation, if it is Amazon’s responsibility, it will be paid. If Amazon does not admit that it is its own cause, it will not.

Q2008: Is it possible to change the shipping address of FBA goods to the US address?

OK. For example, if some sellers ship goods from a local overseas warehouse, the address will be changed to a US address.

Q2009: Can I register a store with a super browser?

Some sellers have successfully registered. But it is best not to use it, because the probability of encountering an audit may be higher if you register with a super browser.

Q2010: I used the router that I used to register a store before, and I still use this router to register a store after pulling a new network cable. Is there any risk in this?

If the router has not changed, there will be associated risks, so it is not recommended to use it.

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