As Amazon, when can I see the money in my hands?
3 min readOct 2, 2021

Today I’m not talking about the selection and operation of dry goods

Let’s talk about the cash flow that everyone cares about most

As an Amazon seller

Do you have such a feeling

More and more stocks, more and more orders

Sales are getting bigger and bigger, and more and more U.S. dollars arrive

But I just can’t see the cash in my hand

The payment is returned every month, and I look forward to my Pingpong account in a few days

Then after seeing the SMS on the mobile phone,

Withdraw funds immediately

After the money arrives at the bank card, go to buy the goods, and the freight will be charged. . .

Then, I ran out of money

This is a typical situation for Amazon FBA sellers

It’s also the normal condition in the initial stage

As long as you calculate the profit margin of the product

In the case of profit

Constantly press the goods to the FBA warehouse

From the initial replenishment by air to the later replenishment by sea

It takes about 2–3 months of investment cycle in the middle

After a product does this

You definitely want to make the second and third product

Such new products will continue to overwhelm the past

Go through the above process again

the difference is;

The profit of the first product can be used to suppress the goods of the following products

As most small and medium sellers

You need to make a choice based on your own financial situation

To see the money in the fastest time

This is also my practical experience

Suppose you are at home alone and do it all by yourself

No expenditure on labor, space, equipment, etc.

When the start-up capital is less than 300,000

(PS: This amount applies to most small and medium sellers)

It is recommended to develop 3–5 products in the early stage

Don’t see dozens or even hundreds of products in other people’s stores

You learn to do that too

Otherwise, when keeping accounts, you will only find more and more investment

The payment cannot even cover the expenditure

If it is to make 5 products, the shipment will be past

There is a high probability that the remaining 1–2 models are profitable

All remaining discussions, decisively clear the position immediately, and withdraw funds

Put all your energy into operating these 1–2 profitable products

When the single SKU order volume of these 1–2 products has stabilized

Sea and air freight are all going smoothly

You can see that there will be more cash in your hand, realizing positive profitability

Here I am referring to the cost of paying for the freight and the second replenishment

At this time, the accounts must be clear

After confirming the realization of positive profit

You go to develop the third product

Remember to develop this product once

After the third product is built, the fourth product will be developed

Can’t do it, it’s okay

Just lost the cost and shipping cost of the fourth product

Anyway, there are two other products that are profitable

When the listing is stable;

Every month, if the order and inventory reach a certain balance, you can make money

In this process of realizing positive profitability, three nodes are very important:

1. Be sure not to sell out

After the listing is stable, out of stock is a loss of income

2. When pushing the first two products, the profit margin must be calculated clearly

Some sellers don’t know if they have lost money

Record how many orders are made every time

Because the spikes are all 20% off

3. From the first investment to positive profit, it will take at least 5–8 months

Don’t be too hasty! ! !

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