Another A-to-Z complaint! The store is closed down!
4 min readJul 15, 2022

“A-to-Z” is the most painful thing for our Amazon operation. Not to mention the blood loss of this order, but also to compensate the buyer, our store performance will also be seriously affected, which may lead to The store is closed, what should I do if I encounter “A-to-Z”? How does the store make a complaint?


a. What is A-to-Z

Another A-to-Z complaint! The store is closed down!

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“A-to-Z” is a protection policy implemented by Amazon for all buyers who purchase goods on the Amazon platform. If the buyer is not satisfied with the goods or services sold by the seller, the buyer can initiate an Amazon Marketplace Transaction Guarantee claim to protect Buyer’s own interests.

b. Conditions to be met for an A-to-Z claim

①The seller has been contacted through the “Contact Seller” button in “My Account”.

② The seller has not responded for more than 2 working days.

③ The buyer’s request satisfies the situation of the Amazon Mall transaction guarantee claim.

c. Consequences of A-to-Z

Amazon’s requirements for ODR indicators are relatively strict. The ODR defect order rate requirement is 1%. A-to-Z, feedback negative reviews, and credit card chargebacks are ODR indicators, that is, as long as there is a problem with one order in 100 orders, Your background will receive a small red flag, and if A-to-Z happens 2 to 3 times, you will face the risk of being reviewed, frozen, and banned.

2. How to handle A-to-Z

a. Make buyers close A-to-Z as much as possible

When encountering A-to-Z, be sure to contact the buyer as soon as possible, because if you do not reply or handle it for more than 2 days, Amazon will directly determine that the buyer wins! Meet the buyer’s needs as much as possible, and let the buyer close A-to-Z, so that it will not be included in the ODR, and there will be no risk of account closure.

Send email template to buyer:

Dear buyer, thank you for contacting us about your recent order. Hope we have completely solved your problem. We would appreciate it if you believe the issue has now been resolved and would like to withdraw your A-to-z claim submitted prior to this order ______________ (Order ID).

Here are the steps to withdraw your A-to-z: File a claim in the Orders section of your account. To withdraw a claim purchased on, go to Your Orders, find your order in the list, and click Order Details. If the order has been shipped, click Problems with this order? on the order summary page. Follow the prompts to explain the withdrawal, then click Withdraw to complete the application. We hope you have a nice day and thank you for shopping at __________(this is the store name). Sincerely, _______(store name) customer service team.

b. Be prepared to appeal

If you have dealt with the problem, but the buyer does not reply, or the buyer replies, but is unwilling to close the claim, then Amazon will intervene in the arbitration. At this time, we need to appeal in time. The appeal information must indicate the email address of the registered account. , it is convenient for the performance team to send information to the corresponding mailbox, and the screenshot of the contact with the buyer can be placed in the attachment. At this time, your victory is very large, and the victory will not be counted in the ODR.

3. How to appeal because A-to-Z store is blocked

a. Tell Amazon why

Another A-to-Z complaint! The store is closed down!

First, check the reason for the closure of the store according to the Amazon performance notification, and then inform Amazon about the reason for this situation. The reasons for AtoZ are generally: the product has an error; the buyer did not receive the goods; the buyer returned but did not receive a refund Or the seller refuses to return it, etc. Everyone can explain according to the specific situation of their own store.

b. Describe the measures taken

Another A-to-Z complaint! The store is closed down!

In response to this problem, what are the specific measures we have taken? Let Amazon know that after receiving AtoZ, we contacted the buyer as soon as possible, and did our best to solve this problem (you can put a screenshot of the email sent to the buyer) ; Then also check the quality of each of our products and improve the return processing situation in the later period, which will definitely create a good shopping environment and high-quality service for buyers. Finally, he said that the direct dispute with the buyer has been resolved (you can put a screenshot), and I hope Amazon will give you another chance to sell.

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