Announcement on AliExpress’ VAT requirements for European overseas warehouses
2 min readMar 16, 2021

AliExpress reiterated that merchants need to comply with local legal requirements when ordering and using European overseas warehouses (including the United Kingdom and the European Union), including but not limited to ensuring the merchant’s local tax compliance. Current platform requirements:

1. Merchants who stock EU overseas warehouses and sell through AliExpress need to register the local VAT tax number of the stocking country, and the subject of the VAT tax number needs to be consistent with the main body of the store entering AliExpress. The merchant is getting the shipment After the country’s VAT number, the VAT number must be submitted to the AliExpress platform, and AliExpress will give the merchant the authority of the overseas delivery place after the review is passed. Starting from 0:00 on June 1, 2021 (Western US Time), all merchants that stock EU overseas warehouses, if they fail to submit and pass the verification of the VAT tax number, will cancel the local delivery authority of the store.

2. Starting from 0:00 on March 16, 2021 (US Western Time), all merchants who order the following Cainiao official warehouses will need to provide VAT tax number information when ordering services, and only VAT tax number and other related materials can be formally approved after review Open and use the following official warehouse related services:

Cainiao Spain’s official warehouse: 4PX Spain warehouse (MAD100) / Qianxiang box Spain warehouse (not received by the first shipment) (MAD200) / EDA Spain warehouse (MAD601)

Note: Cainiao reserves the right to adjust and add new official warehouse entry and stocking requirements in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and related agreements.

Note: As of the date of announcement, merchants who stock Cainiao’s official warehouse, VAT number submission entry is as follows, follow-up product submission entry, please pay attention to the notice.

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