Amazon’s New Seller’s Guide — Listing Creation Ideas
2 min readJun 28, 2022

In order to rank higher on Amazon, sellers need to continuously optimize their listings, which is becoming more and more important on Amazon these days. So how do new sellers make listings?

1. The idea of ​​making a listing

Data affected by listing

1. Exposure — the basis of listing click-through rate and conversion rate

2. Click-through rate (number of clicks/exposure)>0.05–1% (advertising observation click-through rate, asin keyword related

Sexual keywords judge CTR)

3. Conversion rate (number of orders/clicks)> 15–20%

2. Factors Affecting Exposure

1. The number of keywords and the volume of keywords (title search)

2. Keyword organic search ranking (sales conversion click rate)

3. On-site advertising (bid keywords)

4. Category ranking (sales)

3. Factors Affecting Clicks

1. Main image, number of reviews, star rating, price, title, logo

2. Coupon — don’t set a particularly high discount, otherwise it will make people feel that the product is very cheap and have been doing promotions

3. Are the keywords accurate?

4. Layout of high-quality headlines

1. (brand name) + core keywords + selling point words/modifiers + secondary core keywords + selling point words/modifiers + attribute words

2. Selling word + core word + selling word + selling word + selling word + core word + attribute word

Brand name + core word + selling point word + selling point word + keyword

Brand name + core word + sub-core word + selling point word + selling point word + adaptation type / usage scenario

Five, the operation skills of single product title and multi-variant title

1. Single product:

Brand name + core word + sub-core word + selling point word…..

2. Multiple variants:

Keywords: core word A core word B core word C precise long tail word D precise long tail word E

Variation 1: core word A + core word B + selling point word..

Variation 2: Core word A + core word C + selling point word….

Variation 3: Core word A + precise long-tail word D + selling point word

Variation 4: Core word B + core word C/precise long tail word D + selling point word..

6. Principles of high-quality headlines

1. Searchability and Readability

2. Core keywords + core selling points are in the front

3. All high-traffic and accurate keywords of the product should be placed in the title first as much as possible

4. Be accustomed to the local language (quality products can be re-checked by local writers)

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