Amazon sellers in trouble again? Listing was collectively complained!
2 min readJun 24, 2022

Recently, many sellers have reported on cross-border e-commerce forums and major seller groups that their products have received multiple complaints from buyers, who claim that the product is defective or cannot be used normally as described on the product details page.

The link is complained of being defective, the description does not match, and it is listed at risk, but the ASIN is still available for sale.

Amazon sellers in trouble again? Listing was collectively complained!

This time, a large number of links were complained, covering a wide range, and they broke out at almost the same time, and they were different categories and products. It is very likely that Amazon’s cleaning before the peak season.

Some seller friends speculate that this time a large number of links were complained, which may be Amazon’s reminder to sellers before the peak season to ensure that the quality and description of the links are correct!

Some sellers opened a case and consulted customer service because of this incident. The customer service responded that there may be a warning message for a batch of products issued by the relevant team.

Why does this turmoil occur?

1. The wrong label is posted in the Amazon warehouse, resulting in an error in warehousing.

2. Relevant teams have released warning information for a batch of products.

3. On the eve of the peak season, Amazon has modified the trigger mechanism to ensure link quality.

Next, what should sellers do?

Amazon clearly stated in the notice that if you want to delete this violation from your account status control panel, you can tick the following five statements to eliminate it. If not confirmed, the violation will remain on the Account Status Dashboard.

Amazon sellers in trouble again? Listing was collectively complained!

After this operation, AISN returns to normal, but it does not mean everything is fine. Amazon also made it clear in the email that if the issue of related sellers’ products is dealt with in the future, the issue may still be included in the scope of investigation, that is, “the violation has been recorded by Amazon.”

In addition, on the Zhiwubuyan forum, the editor also found that there was feedback from the seller. After receiving the complaint, he immediately checked the five major statements to submit, and the performance record was indeed eliminated. But more sellers reported that they received complaints again soon!

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