Amazon second trial you didn’t know-exclusive reveal
3 min readMar 10, 2021

Today we are going to talk about the second trial of Amazon account that caused all sellers’ pain and fear. As we all know, the second trial of Amazon is divided into second trial in the United States, second trial in Japan, and KYC review in Europe. Today we will exclusively reveal why your account died in the second trial?

US second instance

What is the second review in the United States? Amazon officially defines it as a further review mechanism for Amazon accounts. The original intention of this is to allow Amazon to screen more high-quality and real sellers. Some sellers said that the second review of Amazon is only for Chinese sellers! In fact, it is not. This is a question of probability. Amazon is not only targeting Chinese sellers. Sellers all over the world have appeared in the second review of Amazon to varying degrees. It is just that Chinese sellers account for 60% of the total number of Amazon sellers, so this is a digital game. It’s just the feeling.

European KYC

What is European KYC? Many sellers may not have a concept yet. Amazon officially defines it as: Know your customers (KYC for short), which is more like Kill your customers in the eyes of many sellers! As long as your sales reach 15,000 euros, as long as your information has problems, what is waiting for you is a long and anxious KYC review period.

Amazon review mechanism

Whether it is the second trial in the United States or KYC in Europe, this is basically a black box that will never be touched by Amazon. The editor was fortunate enough to contact an unnamed person to exclusively reveal the Amazon audit mechanism. From a few words, it may be possible to reveal the Amazon audit. Black box!

1. The composition of the second instance in the United States: In principle, the staff in Seattle in the United States, among these staff, mastering Chinese is the most basic requirement, and there are many “China Skills.”

2. The composition of the second trial personnel in Japan: Tokyo headquarters staff, out-and-out Japanese, and of course some business will also be diverted to Amazon’s Seattle headquarters to assist in the review.

3. European KYC personnel composition: The staff in the Luxembourg headquarters, in view of the fact that there are more Chinese people in Amazon in Europe, all European KYC have foreign Chinese, even Chinese! Of course, part of the business is diverted to some countries in Amazon Southeast Asia for review, including Vietnam, Singapore and so on.

Amazon review mechanism

When an account arrives in the hands of the reviewer, the reviewer must classify the account data according to the account data. Basically, the account marked as dangerous will be passed by the data. This is why the letters you receive after repeated reviews are the same! A reviewer reviews dozens of accounts a day, which is very difficult. Remember that your account can pass data screening accounting for 70%, manual review accounting for 30%, and only when it reaches 100% can it be completely passed! The matching degree requires that the back-end address is exactly the same as the address for providing billing information! Unmatched information will be automatically reviewed and paas will be dropped! Quietly tell you: manual review depends on Baidu!

Q: Why can’t I pass KYC even though my account is all real data?

Answer: Because Amazon’s audit mechanism will limit the account activation rate, dear seller, it’s not because your information is true, but Amazon is too cunning!

Q: When is the best time to submit the information?

A: Quietly telling you that the United States is at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on Monday, and Europe is at 10 o’clock in the evening on Friday.

Question: Does the account that have passed the second review won’t trigger the review?

Answer: Of course not! Don’t you know that there is a kind of audit called BAP? Have you encountered few things after the fall?

Question: Tell me the secret to pass the second trial?

Answer: Real information, fixed and clean IP, real and effective bills plus luck, and more. . . . .

We will continue to reveal the secret exclusively in the next issue. . . .

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