Amazon Posts: New features can increase your sales in 2021
5 min readNov 12, 2021


In October 2019, Amazon launched a new tool, Amazon Posts, for sellers to visually narrate products. With its help, Amazon sellers can drive sales by sharing unique lifestyle pictures and introducing product content in more detail.

What does this mean for brands?

Using Amazon posts is a great way to build brand awareness and recognition and ensure its solid existence. Branded stores can create engaging and valuable content and share it on the platform. Since the display style of the content is very similar to the content on Instagram or other social media that the buyer responds to, it can bring in a lot of traffic.

What’s new in Amazon Posts in 2021

In 2021, Amazon updated the tool and released new features:

1. Storytelling posts about multiple products. From now on, sellers can create posts describing multiple products at the same time to provide detailed information about product changes or matching products.

2. Scheduling posts allow sellers to plan and make sure that all tasks are processed on time.

3. Allows to download reports and compare the function of indicators related to your company, brand or organization over time.

Where are Amazon posts displayed?

Many people ask where Amazon posts are displayed. But this matter is actually in the market itself. Amazon determines where to display your posts based on the customer’s interaction with your content and its relevance to your audience. The content can be displayed in 4 different places.

• Brand feed: There is a lot of content in the brand feed to browse. But at its core is a channel for sharing all content related to your brand with your buyers and customers as a one-stop shop.

Product page carousel: “Carousel” is a series of posts displayed on the product detail page, allowing users to scroll horizontally.

• Associated brand channel: Clicking on a post will take buyers to the appropriate brand channel/feed, where they can learn more about your products and other branded products.

• Category-based feeds: Amazon assigns appropriate category labels to each article. In this way, content can be browsed by category, making it easier to find products that complement the order.

Who can use Amazon posts?

Amazon Post is currently limited to U.S. sellers who have registered membership subscriptions for the Amazon brand on Amazon.

What are the benefits of Amazon Post?

The competition in the e-commerce field is very fierce, which brings many challenges to Amazon sellers. A successful feed is a more attractive way to attract new customers, motivate shoppers, and retain them. With Amazon Posts, you can provide shoppers with great content about your brand, and by maintaining a feed that attracts shoppers, you can inspire and win back customers.

In addition, posts give sellers the opportunity to read metrics about visitor impressions, views, and clicks. Amazon Posts can also be called a new customer engagement tool because it allows brands to send follow-up messages (using the “follow” button) to their fans, saving them time and increasing brand trust.

How to set up and use Amazon posts

Want to learn how to publish to Amazon? Please follow the simple steps below:

1. Go to

2. If you are not a member, please log in to your Amazon account or create one. To do this, you must verify and add your brand logo.

3. Upload high-quality images of products, add attractive titles and mark related products.

4. When the client clicks on the feed of the publication, it will automatically take them directly to the PDP of the project.

What happens when I publish on an Amazon post?

Since this tool is new, its effective use is a real way to beat the competition. Become one of the pioneers of Amazon Posts, and you can easily access your content because the market is not oversaturated.

In addition, since Amazon posts can appear in many places on Amazon, it provides users with an easy way to showcase and cross-sell their products.

This in turn increases brand awareness: when posts are displayed on different channels, they have many opportunities to bring new customers directly to your store. These new consumers may not be specifically looking for your product, but they have discovered or more precisely obtained your product through Posts.

Measure the performance of your posts

Earlier, Amazon only allowed sellers to measure the indicators of the carousel view, but it now includes analysis of the performance of posts on the entire website. There are specific metrics that can measure the performance of your Amazon posts. They include viewable impressions (posts are displayed for 1 second or longer); total engagement (clicks on posts); engagement rate (correlation between engagement and impressions); and finally, clicks.

Tips to help you get started with Amazon Posts

As a powerful marketing tool, Amazon Post aims to leverage the creative efforts of sellers on social media and combine it with the power of the Amazon platform.

Similar to regular social media, it motivates users to interact with brands and products. However, unlike Instagram or Facebook, you sell on Amazon.

So, you might want to start here: put more effort into your posts. Don’t just forward from the media to the media. Consider the target audience and its needs.

One of the most important things in marketing is to be honest with customers. If you advertise how good your product is in social media posts and post related information on Amazon, please prove that you like it and use it.

In fact, making a video tutorial is perfect, where you can share detailed information about the project. You can also take photos on the go to show readers that you have the item with you (and they should).

Organizing routines can help you create more achievable goals. Therefore, try to schedule your daily posts and check the metrics regularly.

How to make the most of Amazon posts?

After you start using Amazon Posts, you want to make sure that you make every effort to make the most of it. You can do the following:

• Set to publish several times a day: The more content, the better, but keep the quality of the content as high as possible.

• Repost from other social media: If you actively post on Instagram and other channels, you can save time by reposting that content to your Amazon post feed.

• Use beautiful images: It can be difficult to get the engagement you want, especially when the content is as large as it is now. One way to make your posts more clickable is to use stunning images. Check out product photography trends in 2021.

• Stand out with your headline: the first two lines are your headline. Therefore, you should try to attract the reader’s attention through the driving questions or clever phrases in these two sentences.

• Read your metrics: It may take several weeks for your Amazon posts to accumulate the necessary traffic and interactions before you can see any significant results. So please check your metrics, and then you can consider adding more content.

The last sentence

Promotions are an integral part of any effective business development strategy. To successfully sell on Amazon, you need to detail your compliance with product promotion methods.

Now that you know how to post on Amazon Marketplace, new ways to promote your Amazon business and sustain its growth are in front of you.

Although Amazon Posts is still in beta, it has already gained a lot of attention. Because it is easy to use and free, Amazon Marketplace sellers attract new customers almost effortlessly with its help.

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