Amazon Europe: What testing and certification do cross-border e-commerce children’s toys need to provide?
3 min readOct 11, 2021

If you intend to export children’s toy products to the EU, you must know which toy safety standards need to be met, you need to understand the documents issued by the EU, and you need to understand what EN71, CE marking, REACH, ROHS directives and electronic toy standards are.

EN71 Toy Safety Directive

EN71 specifies the safety requirements for toys sold in the European Union, and the requirements also cover other children’s products. The EN71 directive includes 13 parts, covering all aspects of toys and children’s products, including flammability, physical properties, and children’s pigments. In addition, EN71 also stipulates compliance pattern standards and other labels.

The following is an overview of 13 EN71 standards

EN71–1: Physical and mechanical testing

EN71–2: Flammability test

EN71–3: Dissolution test of toxic metals

EN71–4: Chemical experiment toys

EN71–5: Non-experimental chemical toys

EN71–6: Age-exquisite label map

EN71–7: Children’s colorant

EN71–8: Rocking, sliding and similar toys for indoor and outdoor family entertainment

EN71–9: General requirements for organic compounds in toys

EN71–10: Organic compounds-sample paper cups and extraction yui

EN71–11: Analysis method of organic compounds

EN71–12: N-nitrosamines and N-nitrosated substances

EN71–13: Use of fragrances for designated toys

If you want to export children’s toy products to the European Union, EN71 is a very important test report. If a valid and verifiable test report is not provided, it may be subject to mandatory recall and banned sales.

CE mark

Products covered by EN71 must have the CE mark. In addition, exporters and manufacturers need to issue a Declaration of Conformity (DoC), user manual and technical documents. Toy products must carry the CE mark to indicate compliance. The CE mark must be permanently affixed to the product, packaging and user manual.

CE file

In addition to the CE mark, other documents need to be issued, including user manuals, technical documents and declarations of conformity.

Declaration of Conformity (DOC)

Exporters or manufacturers need to reflect the following information on the DoC:

Product ID/SKU (e.g. teddy bear)

EN71 standard or instruction list


Name and address of the person in charge in Europe

Manufacturer name and address

The declaration of compliance is the main document frequently required by customs, national market surveillance agencies, retailers or distributors. The DOC must also be supported by a valid test report, which corresponds to the EN71 standard and instruction list.

electronic toy

If electronic toys such as remote control cars are exported, there may be more applicable safety standards, including LVD, EMC, ROHS and RED. Please note that in addition to EN71 and other regulations mentioned in this article, these requirements also apply.

Amazon will request the EN 71 test report, EC declaration of conformity, and even photos for review. If there is no valid EN 71 test report and DoC, Amazon will most likely suspend your existing listing or reject the new listing. In addition, Amazon usually requires that the test report and DoC must be held by the same company that sells in its market, not a supplier or other exporter.

If you cannot prove the compliance of your toys (for example, by submitting EN 71 test reports and DoC), Amazon reserves the right to delete your toy list from Amazon. They can even suspend your account if they think it’s necessary to take action.

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