Amazon announcement: Use box-level inventory allocation to improve product distribution
1 min readFeb 18, 2021

Recently, Amazon has updated the relevant updates of the cooperative carrier program in its official background. The specific announcement is as follows:

If you use the cooperative carrier program, you can now enjoy the advantages of box-level inventory configuration.

Box-level inventory configuration can improve your product distribution in the FBA network in countries/regions where warehousing services are enabled. For qualified inventory, Amazon will divide your shipment into multiple packing box groups so that your products can be delivered to Amazon fulfillment centers more quickly.

Also includes the following advantages:
Since your products will be stored closer to the buyer, the delivery speed will be faster
Your delivery fee or current logistics situation will not change
Can fully understand the shipment status of each package group
You do not need to register, pay additional fees, or meet other requirements to start using the box-level inventory configuration. As long as you have selected a cooperative carrier in the inbound plan, the system will display whether your shipment has been optimized through the box-level inventory configuration. Amazon will contact your partner carrier directly to process the relevant shipment.
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