AliExpress releases new tax regulations for overseas warehouses in Europe! 2 big latest changes!
2 min readMar 22, 2021

Recently, AliExpress released the latest announcement, announcing the latest new VAT tax regulations for overseas warehouses in Europe. Merchants who stock official warehouses in overseas warehouses need to submit VAT information for review.

·Merchants prepare goods to overseas warehouses and sell them through AliExpress platform, and they need to register and prepare the national tax number

Since the notice becomes effective, if the merchant has stocked goods to the overseas warehouse of the EU and sold to the global market through the AliExpress platform, the local tax number of the country of stocking must be registered, and this tax number must be maintained with the seller’s AliExpress store main body Unanimous.

·The tax number is uploaded to the AliExpress platform for review

After the merchant obtains the local tax number of the stocking country, it needs to upload the tax number to the AliExpress platform, and the AliExpress platform will review it. After passing it, the merchant will be given the permission to ship overseas.

Starting from 0:00 on March 16, 2021, Western US time, all merchants who have subscribed to the official AliExpress overseas warehouse service must submit VAT tax information when ordering the service.

★ And you need to wait for the platform to review the relevant materials and information. After the review is passed, the official overseas warehouse-related ordering services can be officially completed.

Key analysis

①The three countries of Britain, Germany and France have implemented the opening of new Cainiao official warehouses, which must have a VAT tax number;

②Spanish official warehouses will start on March 16, and merchants who newly open official warehouses in Spain must have a VAT number;

③Other EU countries (including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium), whether it is an official warehouse or a merchant warehouse, must have a VAT tax number before June 1, otherwise the shipping authority will be closed;

④For overseas warehouse inventory sellers, add a valid VAT tax number by the end of May at the latest (the specific system upload function is being developed, and the seller should prepare the tax number first);

⑤The main body of the VAT tax number uploaded must be consistent with the main body of the store stationed in AliExpress.

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