12 questions and answers for Amazon Insurance

3 min readFeb 24, 2021

The issue of Amazon insurance premiums still plagues many sellers, because Amazon’s official emails are not very clear about who should pay, who should be paid, which service provider is reliable, and so on. Based on the questions of many sellers and feedback from all parties, Hugo bacteria organizes an answer to the relevant questions for your reference.

1. Who sent the mail?
Amazon official, the sender is: reliability-insurance-verification@amazon.com. If the seller purchases insurance later, he will also send the policy information to this email address.

2. What is the content of the email?
In mid-February 2021, Amazon sent an email to some sellers: According to the requirements of the sales agreement with Amazon, Amazon hopes that sellers will provide proof of liability insurance for products sold through the Amazon store and reply before March 15.
Specifically, Article 9 of the sales agreement stipulates that within 30 days after the total sales for three consecutive months reach 10,000 US dollars, the seller needs to purchase and maintain at least 1 million US dollars of commercial general insurance, additional liability insurance or excess liability insurance. Sellers who meet the threshold need to use the registered email address of the account to reply to this email within 30 days, and attach a liability insurance certificate to the email. The liability insurance certificate must cover all the goods sold by the seller on Amazon.com. The document should be in the form of an “insurance certificate” issued by the seller’s insurance company, and specify the property and personnel covered, the scope of commitments, and any exclusions or deductibles.

Amazon requires that the seller’s liability insurance must meet the following conditions:
①The total insured limit for each accident is at least US$1 million, which covers the liability caused by the seller’s business operations or other related liabilities, such as the personal injury of the buyer caused by the product, etc.;
②The insurance object must cover all products sold through Amazon.com.
③The insurance policy must designate Amazon and its assignee as the other insured.
④The name of the policy holder must match the name of the “legal entity” provided to Amazon.

⑤The policy must be valid for more than 90 days from the date of submission for verification.

3. Which insurance service providers are reliable?
In the email, Amazon recommended three insurance companies: Meiya, Anda, and Shidai. According to Hugo’s cross-border understanding, the business volume of these three companies has increased sharply in recent days. Some have more than 2,000 sellers consulting insurance business. According to salesmen As mentioned, it can be purchased in different categories or different sites. In terms of safety, these three companies have a relatively safe factor. Other companies require the seller to judge independently, such as entering the National Insurance Association, querying the company name, and seeing whether there is an insurance record. If not, it is likely to be a leather bag company or an empty company. Shell website.
Some sellers also opened a case to consult Amazon customer service, but the customer service replied that they have not received a clear policy notification regarding insurance. The customer service advises the seller to reply through the description of the performance notification.

4. Can domestic insurance service providers handle it?
Amazon only specified three insurance service providers in the email, but did not clearly state whether other insurance service providers can handle it, whether the domestic insurance service provider is effective, etc.
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